Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Get Sexy Celebrity Highlights

You don't have to be a celebrity in order to master the art of getting the exact same look that many of them have. Highlights in particular are one of the easiest do it at home yourself looks that you can easily master with some cheap Wal-mart bought hair products.

The easiest way to get the most natural looking highlights is to buy yourself a bottle of Sun In. You can find this product at Wal-mart, Target, or any other superstore for under $5.00.

It's simple to use. All you have to do is separate a chunk of your hair in which you would like to highlight, and spray in some of the Sun In. You now simply go about your day and let the sun do the rest. This stuff is great to tote along with you to the beach on a sunny day.

The change is gradual, which gives you total control of how light you want your highlights to be. It works like a charm, but take some time.

If you want to speed up the process of adding the highlights, you can apply the Sun In, and use a blow dryer to apply heat to the area you sprayed. This works flawlessly, and the highlights are seen much, much faster.

I recommend washing your hair, and deeply conditioning after using the blow dryer on the area though.

Besides Sun In:
Another simple, low priced solution to sexy summery highlights is to buy yourself a bleaching kit. These kits usually come with hair caps. I recommend you buy the kit that comes with a hair cap for precise highlighting. It's basically to ensure you don't dye other strands of hair by accident.

One of my favorite kits is, Revlon's Frost and Glow Kits. You can get these kits in dark blond, or very light blond shades, and they work pretty flawlessly when it comes to adding precise highlights to your hair. You can make a lot of thin strands, or chunk it. The decision is yours.

In my opinion using Sun In is actually the best option, and it is less harsh on your hair. Not only that, you will also have control over how dark, or how light your highlights turn out to be. The results, as I stated also comes very fast if you use a blow dryer and apply heat.

Another fool proof method of getting perfect highlights is to simply visit a local hair salon. The results are always flawless, but the price will definitely be steep, even on those with very short hair. It's best to just do it yourself, as the results can be just as nice as if you went to a salon and spent $100.00.

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