Wednesday, July 23, 2014

VH1's Daisy of Love; Recap, Daisy Eliminates Big Rig!!!

I have to say I'm kind of glad Daisy eliminated Big Rig, because now it means there is a chance for him and I to get it on. Okay maybe not; but seriously Big Rig was why I tuned in, with his hot eyes, sexy toned body, and killer instincts. Yum yum. Mommy like.

At any rate, you folks are probably here for the recap, so here we go.

This weeks episode throws us into a cook off. The remaining men are all assigned a course to serve Daisy. They have a little help with some caterers, and are off to the kitchen to hopefully impress Daisy with their cooking skills.

12 Pack is assigned to make red velvet cake, Sinister is in charge of making lasagna, ChiChi makes french onion soup, Big Rig makes some sort of quishe, and Flex makes chicken cordon bleu.
After cooking is done, we see ChiChi arranging some flower petals around a table to make it a little more romantic.

Next all of the guys wait patiently at the dinner table for Daisy to arrive. We watch as she manages to shovel the food down past her overblown silicone lips. After trying all of the food made by the men, she lets them all know that the cook off was a challenge, but she cannot pick an official winner because all of the dishes came out deliciously.

The winner of the challenge was supposed to get a date with Daisy, but now that there is no winner Daisy changes it up and asks the men to pick the guy who they think is the most compatible with her, and to also pick the guy who is the least compatible. The rule of course is that they cannot pick themselves.

First up we have ChiChi, who naturally votes for his BFF Sinister. ChiChi also states that Big Rig is the least compatible seeing that he is from a different world than Daisy.

Sinister is up next, and he states that the least compatible is Big Rig as well, and the most compatible is Flex.

ChiChi who is super sensitive storms off. He was expecting his BFF to vote for him as the most compatible, as he did for Sinister. Sort of a whole you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours deal.

Next we see ChiChi hiding in the bathroom where he is either crying, or sniffing lines. We never really get to see what's going on in the bathroom. By the sound of it though it seems that ChiChi is crying.

Sinister tries to comfort him, but the whole scene ends up looking really pitiful.
ChiCh returns to the dinner where the question Daisy asked gets passed to the other men. As it turns out most of them voted for Flex when it came to being the most compatible for Daisy.

The two least compatibles due to vote were ChiChi and Big Rig.

So the result of this whole voting, Flex wins a one on one date with Daisy. Big Rig and ChiChi also get a date seeing that they are the least compatible according to the other men.

Before the night ends though, we switch over to a scene where Sinister is outside with Daisy, ChiChi and 12 Pack. Sinister is screeching away some note while playing his guitar.

Some sort of editing takes place, and we see Daisy walking away with 12 Pack, leaving Sinister behind in the dark.

Sinister freaks out and has himself a wimp fit. He goes inside and lets some of the other guys know that the two walked off alone together to have some sort of make out session, and that 12 Pack took the entire bottle of vodka up into Daisy's room.

He huffs and he puffs, and he goes up to Daisy's room and bangs at the door. He comes bearing a tin cup, and asks for some vodka. Daisy is giving him her usual ugly confused look, which by the way makes her look really fugly.

Before leaving though Sinister slams on the door, not once, not twice, but three times. It was really pathetic looking. Naturally one would assume she would send him packing for displaying such violent rage. At that point for sure, I thought she would be sending him home.

Sinister's rage does not stop there, he goes downstairs where he begins throwing bottles and banging on the walls. Uhm, okay?
The commotion going on leads Daisy to talking with 12 Pack, making out with him a little bit, and then coming downstairs to see what the commotion is all about.

Back outside Daisy meets up with everyone, and Sinister goes on one of his little baby rages again about how he wishes Daisy would pull him aside like she does with 12 Pack.

Daisy begins whining like a child about how stressed she is, waa, waa, waa.... and storms off.

Sinister follows her, and I just had to note the really gay way he runs. Haha. He meets up with her before she gets into the house to apologize.

Fast forward to the next morning. Flex and Daisy are ready to leave to go on their date. VH1 must be low on funds, because so far there have not been any cool or fun date places. Everything has been mostly set up in the house. Flex's date takes place out back by the pool where the two have bow and arrow practice.

They end up making out, and talking for a bit.

Nothing really special or note worthy takes place, besides the passing of tongues and convo. Ugh, I nearly puked in my mouth just thinking about it. Flex is too hot to catch whatever lip swelling disease Daisy has.

Anyhow, the next date is with ChiChi and Big Rig. I didn't really pay attention to much during their boring dinner date. Big Rig distracted me with his hotness.

The dinner date is pretty uneventful though. ChiChi and Big Rig have a small tiff, and ChiChi tries to instigate by saying Big Rig is violent. -Whatever-

Next up is eliminations. It's edited to look like Daisy is going to break up the Bromance going on between Sinister and ChiChi. I truly thought Sinister would be sent home, but instead she throws us a curve ball and sends home one of the hottest pieces in the house. Big Rig.

Phew...thank God. I was glad, because now he can get his own show. Haha.

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