Thursday, July 24, 2014

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11 Season Premier

Last night America was finally introduced to cycle 11 of the beloved show America's Next Top Model. This season started off like any other season, a brief introduction to a roomful of top model hopefuls. A weird space theme, and a few aggravated and annoying tears shed by women who didn't make the first cut, making proclamations on how they should of been in the competition, Tyra is wrong, blah, bla, wahhhh... cry me a river.
I've noticed that season after season though, a few models are given a hell of a lot more air time than others, thus allowing them to easier become a favorite. The shows highlight models in the 2 hours season premier goes to a blond girl by the name of Clark, who to me resembles your typical blond hair blue eyes cheerleader. Nothing spectacular pops on her besides her bright blue demonic looking eyes.

I noticed also that Elina was given more air time than most. Shes a dark haired, strange woman who claims to go both ways sexually. This chick is very open about who she is, and how she feels, so I have to give her kudos there.

Next we have Marjorie, a girl with a boy cut that makes her look like a boy. Shes from France, is 19, and proves that you don't have to be drop dead beautiful to be a model! Just show up to the auditions looking like a scared tom boy with a bleach job! I cannot wait to see what Tyra does to her hair!

Whew, girl needs a new dew!

My favorite model so far definitely goes to Joslyn, a beautiful African American woman who is originally from Louisiana. The gal has a bubbly personality that is instantly adds to her glorious sense of humor.

The most beautiful personality in my opinion though goes to Sheena, originally from Honolulu, this beauty is by far the most well rounded, and friendly person on the show so far.

The most talked about contestant though by far goes to Isis. She (err, heeem...errr) was actually an extra in the background during a shoot from last season. There is one huge thing about Isis though that sets her apart...way, way apart from the other girls.

Isis is a transgender. She was born a man, but now is a self proclaimed female. Although Isis has not had any surgeries preformed yet, she still considers herself a woman.

Fair enough! However it's pretty easy to recognize that Isis is indeed a male, dressed up like a female. I however find this to be such an exciting and wonderful addition to the show. It's wonderful to finally see that transgenders too can compete against real women to be models; and why not!?
Isis has a very wonderful, lovely personality and likely would be very easy to get along with if given the opportunity, sadly though a few of the closed minded girls in the competition already have decided they do not like him/her, and even tried screwing up Isis' first major photo shoot on the show, which I found to be cold, disgusting, and foul. Karma though has its ways, and one of those mean girls were already canned. Bye-Bye! It just goes to show that negativity never prevails! Adios.
Other contestants on the show stand out in their own way, but really for the most part, these are the girls who will likely get the most air time till they are canned and the focus shifts to someone else.

One final contestant I will make note of is Mckey, you will see her punching the air and pillows a few times during the premier, which are note worthy. Hehe!

At any rate though, I have to say that cycle 11 is likely going to be the most controversial season the show has ever seen. Isis is already in the news, a quick google search will take you to the news about The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, and how they are upset by comments about Isis that were made by a news anchor.

Stay tuned! This season is going to be fierce!!!

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