Thursday, July 24, 2014

BestBuy Premier Black Reward Zone... You're Denied!!!! All of You Are Denied!!!! Bwhahaha!!!!

Lately I've been having huge tiffs with BestBuy over a warranty, before I go off on a tangent about that though, I would like to tell you about the email I got today from them!

The email was from of course, BestBuy, and the headline reads CONGRATULATIONS! 

I hastily open it up. I figure hey, maybe they are congratulating me for making a stink about a warranty...
but no. Instead they are congratulating me for becoming a new Premier Black Reward Zone member.

I read on abut the delicious promises. Extended return policies for yours truly for yup to 45 days, free shipping from the online BestBuy store, point banking with some sort of exclusive magazine only meant to be seen by Elite members, and special services from the GeekSquad!!!

Oh la, lah!!!
I knew I had spent nearly $4,000 this year in BestBuy on electronics, consoles, and other doo dads, but never in a million years did I think I'd so quickly advance from a Silver Member to this special people's ELITE club!!!

Heck, I was just given a Silver Membership, so I guess that new Samsung Monitor I bought for under $300 pushed me on over into Elite status! Cool!
On the far right of my new introduction congratulatory newsletter, there is a link for me to follow to read all about my new status. Sadly, the link never worked.

I then decide to log on to my Reward Zone page, and low and behold I am still a Silver Member? I was angry, but figured maybe they haven't updated it yet.

So I log out and do a google search It turns out this email was sent out by BestBuy by accident! I have always known this company to suck (especially when it comes to fulfilling warranty's), but sheesh... I wasn't expecting to quickly learn that my new Elite status was in fact nothing but crap in an email.

Spam even.

Sadly they are saying that it was some sort of error, and this Premier Membership email had been sent to EVERY reward zone member, not just the silver members.

It annoyed me to no end, and people are in an uproar. I spend a lot of money at BestBuy, and am a little tiffed that this letter is nothing but pure BS.

So for all of you lucky souls out there who are now walking around thinking you are some sort of Premier Elite member... congratulations, you've been had.

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