Thursday, July 24, 2014

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11, Episode 11 Recap

America recently watched as Joslyn was sent packing in an odd twist on America's Next Top Model. Trya saves Elina, and we wonder what fate awaits Elina the following week. I will jump ahead and say that Elina is once again in the bottom two this week on episode 11. Is she the contestant who is sent home though?

In this particular episode (episode 11) the girls are told they have to find their new home on their own. They are split into groups of two, and whomever finds the new model house will get an extra 25 photos on the next photo shoot. Marjorie and Analeigh team up, Samantha and Elina, and McKey and Sheena team up.

The first contestants to arrive to the new home in Amsterdam are Elina and Samantha, with Marjorie and Analeigh right behind them. Sheena and McKey come in dead last.

Quickly after the small challenge the girls are brought out into the red light district where they begin a window display challenge. Here the girls are given designer clothing, and are to display it in a fashionable way in the window for any passerby to see. Instead of displaying their body's for sale like many women do in the red light district, the girls instead are displaying clothing.

The girls work together once again in groups of two. This time Elina and Analeigh work together, Marjorie and Sheena are paired up, and Samantha and McKey. The winners of the window display challenge will get the opportunity to walk in an upcoming fashion show.

Marjorie does a wicked great job and impresses both Jay and the guest designer, Sam also impresses the judges, and Elina does as well. The rest of the girls did OK but a few of them struggled. The winners though are Sam and McKey.

Shortly after the challenge the girls are shown back in the model house where Elina and Samantha get into a small tiff about prostitution. Oddly Elina finds nothing wrong with women being for sale in windows for sex, while Sam finds it to be degrading to women. The controversial argument lasts for a few moments, and not to long after that the girls are off to their next photo shoot.

At this photo shoot the girls are doing a shoot on a large ship posing in couture gowns. The judges find McKeys photo to be the best of the week, Analeigh also impresses, as well as Marjore and Samantha.

 Unfortunately Sheena once again fails to pull off a non hoochie shoot. Elina who is said to be too controlled fails to impress the judges with her stiff photos all throughout the shoot.

Elina and Sheena are up on the chopping block, and honestly I thought that since Elina was in the bottom two last week, that she would definitely be going home this week. Instead though the judges once again pass Elina through, and she is safe. Sadly the bubbly happy go lucky Sheena is sent packing.

At this point though I pretty much adore all of the remaining girls and no matter who was sent home I would of been sad. I think that Elina could win the competition if she could just loosen up, Marjorie could also nail it but she is just far too shy, and quite frankly I am shocked she wasn't placed in the bottom two yet due to her shy ways. I like Analeigh, but I find her to be too 'girl next door', Samantha is too plain looking for me, and McKey... I usually forget she is even there.

God only knows what episode 12 will deliver, but I will say this; I'm pretty excited to see what goes down, or I should say, who goes down.

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