Thursday, July 24, 2014

Looking for Cool or Custom Skins for Your Asus Eee PC or Mini Notebook? Finally a Site that Offers Custom Sized Skins for Mini Netbooks!

Let me guess - You went out and bought yourself one of those oh-so-adorable mini laptops, aka netbooks? Possibly an Asues Eeepc? Or a Cloudbook... or some other mini little novelty notebook right?

Now you are dying to find a website that will make you a custom skin to fit that mini netbook right!? Perhaps you are looking for a site that will create a custom skin made by you, possibly a illustrated picture, or a photo. Yet wherever you look, you cannot find a site that makes skins in the correct size you need!

Ugh, I ran into the same issues. Just a few days ago I placed an order an an Asus Eee PC 900 series. After placing the order though I knew immediately that I wanted a skin for this mini notebook. I wanted to protect it's outer shell with some artwork, or possibly a favorite photo. You know, just something to spruce the tiny netbook up to personalize it, and make it unique.

I went to my usual skin site Tego, but they did not have skins available in the smaller sized specifications of my netbook. I was able to submit a request form, but honestly I didn't want to wait for a reply. I wanted to create my custom skin that day, and have it arrive in the mail before, or near the same time the Eee PC was due to arrive.

I browsed forums and found a few sites that were recommended by other Asus owners, however the sites recommended were either under construction, over priced, or did not offer the option to upload my own photo or artwork to put on the skin. Sucks!!!

Finally by luck of the draw, and extensive google searching I found a wicked cool site offering exactly what I needed.

At this site I was able to upload my own photo or artwork. I could add custom text, colors, and graphics. Yep, basically you are taken to a page to design your laptops/netbooks skin all to your preferences.

Best of all though, once you are finished designing your template (skin), you can then add in your own custom specifications. There are no strict choices of specifications, you simply make your own. So if your netbook is 7 inches wide, by 7 inches tall.. you just go ahead and plug it in. Custom picture, custom fit! Seriously it doesn't get better than that!

I know, you are dying to know where. The site is
For The Simple
For those of you who are just looking for a pre-made design to put onto your laptop/netbook without having to make your own custom skin, you are free to do so. You can simply choose from Schtickers large collection of pre-made designs and order that way for only $19.99.

I found schtickers prices to be very fair, and compared to other sites I came across, schtickers prices were cheap. For your custom made skin the price will come to $24.99. Not bad for a new unique custom look for your mini notebook! For non-custom skins the price is $19.99.

Shipping Time:
I designed my skin, and paid using my credit card on Thursday, and the skin was sent to my house the following Tuesday, which is not too shabby. The only thing I would have liked to see though would have been a tracking code after my item shipped. Instead I got an email telling me the item shipped, yet there was no tracking number provided. The wait though was short, and I was quite happy with the shipping speed of only 5 days.

Schtickers makes their skins in some sort of shiny vinyl, unfortunately I was not able to find on the site what they were made of exactly. However mine arrived, and the custom work is flawless. I am also able to stick it to my Asus, re-stick it, and re-use it. All in all the quality of the skin is superb, and I have ordered skins from other sites before, but nothing comes close to matching the high quality vinyl that Schtickers uses. I am thrilled with the results.

The texts I used came out perfect. On the site I added a little quote on my custom skin, and I was surprised to see how great it turned out. Usually when you work with text on other skin sites, the texts looks blurred, or slightly distorted. This was not the case at all on What you see is what you get, what you create is what is delivered.

All in all I'm extremely happy with how it turned out.

A highly recommended site for those looking for custom sized skins for their netbooks, or even laptops.

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