Thursday, July 24, 2014

Neat Web Sites for Asus Eee PC Owners or Potential Owners Learn How to Get Wallpaper, Play Games, and More

I just bought an Asus Eee PC for my mom. I figured it was the best laptop for her. Its small size, easy Linux-based operating system and the fact that she could use it, have fun with it and not be confused by it.

Quickly though she wanted to know more about it, where she could find downloads, accessories, and other tidbits of information on her new mini best friend.

Naturally I took my search to the web, where I came across quite a few Web sites that all had something different to offer to Asus Eee PC owners and enthusiasts.

The first site of course is a site where you can customize your own adorable little Asus skin. Unlike other sites, at you can customize the skins size to fit your Asus Eee PC all for $24.99. This is the only site that offers high quality skins, for a decent price. Best of all though is the fact that they customize it to your Asus' size, customize the skin with your own photo, art work, or drawing. I found this site to be an awesome tool for those who would love to add their own personal unique flair to their Asus Eee PC.

The next site I came across of course was the official Asus Eee PC Web site, which you can find by clicking here. If you look above at your tabs you will notice that you can purchase accessories for your mini guy too! Hidden within the site though did you know that you could download Asus Eee PC applications such as games, desktop personalization's, and a slew of other downloadable goodies?

Click here to be take to the list of downloadable applications for your Asus Eee PC. From that page you can also take a look at the Asus Eee PC forums to see what other users are discussing. If you are ever stuck or having trouble with something on your mini PC you can always go to the forum and ask a question. You will be surprised to see how many other users are out there willing to help you troubleshoot the problem.

Sometimes you will even run into a forum topic regarding tips and tricks for the Asus Eee PC. So check it often for new topics.

Besides the official Asus website, you may also want to check out discussions on how to modify and hack your Asus to add new things to it. At this site other users of the Asus Eee PC share information on how to add some spunk to your little guy. Thing such as wallpaper, hacks, tips and tricks will be found here. I don't fully recommend you go messing with your system, but if it is what you are looking for the provided site will guide you.

You also should check out and keyword Asus Eee PC. Videos of hacks and tutorials can be found here which give you a closer understanding about how to go about adding wallpaper, SNES games such as Mario and other neat little tricks you may not be able to follow completely in forums. You can also check out user reviews on the Eee PC which are must see videos if you haven't purchased an Asus Eee PC yet, and would like consumer review videos on the machine before buying.

Google searching the Asus Eee PC will also take you to written reviews by consumers, and professional reviewers as well.

At any rate, those looking to own, or those who already own the Asus Eee PC do not have to fear that the mini UMPC will be limited. With a little modification, and customization your Asus Eee PC can do exactly what you want it to do, and look exactly how you want it to look. Linux or Windows based, the little guy handles quite well.

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