Thursday, July 24, 2014

America's Next Top Model: Cycle 11, Episode 10 Recap

I have been following America's Next Top Model since the show first began. Every season delivers yet another model. While some of the previous cycle winners have made big for themselves, others have sort of vanished into the background.

Hopefully that does not happen to cycle 11's winner, because truly the girls that are left in the contest now, are some of my top favorites.

Last night though one of my faves got sent home, and to be honest, she was sent home in sort of a messed up way, because truly the way Tyra delivered the news was tricky...I'll get into that later on though.

In this weeks episode 10, the remaining models all meet with James St James, who wrote the book Freak Show, which I absolutely love, love, loved, and have reviewed already(click to read review).

James sets the girls up on this odd modeling fashion show, where the girls are all put into these odd skin tight green suits. The green suits cover their entire body, and faces. Over the green suits they are dressed in designer clothing, and have to rock it on stage while attempting to display the designer clothes to their best ability.

You see on stage there will be screens, and on the screens the girls bodies which is covered in the green suit disappear, displaying only the clothing in action. It was sort of like a very cool ghostly type of effect. Of course depending on who does the best, will win the challenge.

Elina wins the challenge at the end, taking Marjorie, and Analeigh with her to some Seventeen Magazine photo shoot.

Shortly after a short brief look at how their private shoot went, we are taken back to the model house where of course some drama unfolds. The drama includes an argument between Sheena, Elina, and Marjorie. More so Elina and Sheena though. To put it short, the argument is over Marjorie and Elina being European. To be honest, it was probably the lamest argument I've ever seen on ANTM.

Moving on...

The girls don't have a photo shoot this week, instead they will all be doing a commercial for CoverGirls Lash Blast cosmetics. (Ugh, even I have a hard time saying Lash Blast 3 times fast).

Josyln is sick and ends up puking a few times before her take. Elina seems to nail the commercial, however Jay still thinks that everything about the commercial was controlled (seriously I am still having a hard time understanding what the hell they are talking about!), Marjorie does a so-so job, but ends up rushing through the words (talk about controlled! Her script was memorized, and spoken way too quickly). Sheena does a wonderful job in my opinion, and Analeigh manages to impress the judges most with her commercial. Mckey in my opinion looked more like a pretty zombie than she did a commercial, and to be honest, I think the overdone dark makeup on her eyes is what caused her commercial to look too... scary? Last but not least was Samantha's commercial, in my opinion she did well, but looked too pale and old in her commercial. Bad lighting perhaps, because usually she is gorgeous!

Anyhow, after the commercial is over and done with the girls are brought to panel, where they all discover they are going to Amsterdam!!! Unfortunately one of the girls will be going home... yep, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars!

One by one the girls come up to collect their photos, Analeigh is safe, she is going to Holland. Sheena is safe, Samantha is safe, so is Marjorie, and Mckey is safe too.

But uh oh... Joslyn and Elina are up on the chopping block. After the non-stop comments from the judges who kept saying Elina was once again too controlled, I truly whole heartedly thought she was going home, and so did she. Especially after Tyra told Josyln she was a survivor, and that she would 'survive this'. In all honesty when she spoke those words, I thought it meant Elina was going home, but Tyra holds up a photo and it is Elina. Elina is safe! Phew!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Josyln, but I have been rooting for the doe eyed Angelina Jolie look alike since the get go. The dark, beautiful and mysterious girl Elina has won me over with her almond shaped eyes and gorgeous (yet fake) fluffy red hair. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to God she is able to somehow convince the judges she is not a control freak, because she may not be so lucky next week.

And this ladies and gentleman is how episode 10 goes down. That's a wrap!

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