Sunday, July 20, 2014

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14 Season Premiere Recap

Last night we were once again graced with yet another season of America's Next Top Model. That's correct, Tyra Beautiful Banks has managed to bless us with 14 seasons of her hit show.

Fans of the show, and those who caught last nights season premier got an awesome premiere. Usually we have to sit and wait till episode 3 or 4 for the girls to go through with their makeovers, however last night the contestants were given their makeovers! Makeover episodes are my all time favorite, and being given the makeover in episode 1 was an awesome start to the seasons premiere. Kudos!

Anyhow, we are taken through the usual junk that the show starts off with. A huge collection of girls piled into one large room, photos are taken, and more than half of them are sent home.

We were left with 12 girls, but later on in NYC Tyra surprises the girls by telling them that while in New York, there will be another girl joining the ranks, making it a solid 13 competitors in the competition in becoming Americas next top model.

None of them really stood out all too much, however there were 2 girls that caught my eye immediately, and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for Gabrielle and Naduah. Gabrielle is just a stunner with her more than cool and suave carefree personality, while Naduah is just a knock out, resembling the late Sinead O'Connor, with her stunning shaved head.

Those who recall last season will also notice a not so fresh face. Yep, once again we have to watch the diva Angelea make yet another presence, on another season of the show. I can't say I was too sad to watch her go. The reason? She got into a fight, and by the looks of this season's premier, she has not changed at all, she is one of the first girls starting trouble with the other girls; already. Yawn! Grow up.

At any rate, the makeovers all seemed to go quite well, with the exception of the red head beauty Brenda. For me, she had such long beautiful red hair, and they chopped it off and gave her a boy cut, that resembles a mullet. I have to say, it looks horrible.

Angelea also looked pretty busted with the lighter colored long bang weave they gave her.
Everyone else though, their makeovers looked pretty good.

After the makeovers the girls get to their new home in NYC, where tension between none other than Angelea and another competitor occurs during an argument over closet space, or something stupid of that nature.

Once the move is set and in order the girls are taken to their very first shoot. We do not get to see what happens, but we get a glimpse for next weeks episode, which will be the girls posing nude in their very first shoot. Or half nude...we will have to wait and see!

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