Sunday, July 20, 2014

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14, Episode 2 Recap

Last night was a sad night for me. I watched on with the rest of America while nervously predicting who Tyra Banks was going to send home during cycle 14, episode 2, of America's Next Top Model.
Last week when the cycle's premier began I was so sure that Gabrielle and Naduah would be battling out on the final runway towards becoming the winner of the entire season. Sadly for me, my 2 favorites were both sent packing last night.

So, how'd they end up saying goodbye?
Let's rewind!!!
The premiere episode we were left off on the understanding that the girl's very first photo-shoot would be in the buff. That;s right, in their baby suits, stark naked, shake what your momma gave yah!
In episode 2 we take off right where we left off. Jay lets the girls know however that they are allowed to choose 1 article of clothing that was displayed on a mannequin stand.

We watch as the girls push, shove, and battle their way to the jacket, which seemed to be the only article that would not be as revealing.

Unfortunately all of the models make it for yet another round, sadly for Gabrielle, she is eliminated for looking too awkward and uncomfortable in her photograph. Apparently I do not have an eye for modeling, because I liked her picture more than anyone else's. Due to her awkward pose, and loss of her neck by sitting in a crunched down manner, Gabrielle is sent packing.

Oh well, I said to myself. My lovely Sinead O'Connor look alike, Naduah, would take the gold.
After this entire ordeal, (and me feeling slightly sad that I would no longer get to see the lovely Gabrielle on my tube every week) we are taken back to the house where all of the potential next top models are living together.

The next challenge the girls are thrown into is an articulated runway, where they had to walk the runway, while avoiding getting hit by large swinging pendulums. The idea was to teach the girls about timing their walk.

They do however get a little training on timing their runway walk before the big show. Each of the girls are sent out to the streets of NY, where they have to walk across the road, while strutting their stuff, before the light changed to red, for cars to pass.

I really enjoyed this part, because if you look at those who are common people waling on the streets, some of the girls managed to grab in a few head turns by both men and women; while others, like Ren just looked bow legged and awkward.

After this comes the real live runway show.

A few of the girls got smacked in the rear end with the large swinging pendulum. Those who were slightly smacked with the pendulum though were able to pull it back together, and move on in front of the audience. One girl however blew it so badly, that you could not help but feel sorry for her... oh and then laugh of course.

Poor Alexandra blows it the moment she makes her appearance. Instead of a graceful walk down the small flight of stairs, she comes flopping down like a dead fish. Clearly she was angry and upset about the incident, while she quickly huffs down the runway to strike a pose before heading back.

While heading back though, the very last pendulum swings down right into her side, and throws her off of the stage. The crowd makes a huge 'oh my god' sigh, and Alexandra picks herself back up on to the stage, and goes behind stage where the tears start flowing.

At that very moment, I was pretty positive she'd be the one packing it up and heading home.

After the show is over, the most impressive model Brenda wins the challenge for doing the best timed runway walk. Her prize is the gown, and a feature on the website.

Once the winner is chosen, we are taken back to the house.

Now when I first got a glimpse of the outsider addition Ren, I really loved her plain Jane, rocking roll style. She had this glow about her, that mysterious spark that not many women possess. Unfortunately her rock and roll style is smothered by her drab, melancholy 'real life Daria' vibe. Her cool factor went from 100 to 0 in less than 60 seconds when she purposely calls out Alasia due to the fact that Alasia is a little loud, obnoxious and bubbly. Not once though was she ever rude, or mean. Ren on the other hand is just a bitter person, with a foul 'I'm too cool and smart for this place' attitude.

After the little melt down in the house, the girls are on to their next shoot, where they are taken to a run down building in NY. On the roof top the girls get into wardrobe and makeup.

The idea was to try and model, while being sprayed in the face with water, wind, and some sort of purple dye. I believe t was to represent a perfume ad? I did not really get the whole theme, but it looked challenging and fun enough.

I enjoyed watching all of the girls struggle to keep things looking pretty. Some nailed it, and others not only disappointed Jay, but they also made me worry; especially my fair lady Naduah. When she went up in front of the cameras, she looked as if she was trying to pull of ballerina moves, and even I was able to recognize how awkward the entire thing was.

After the shoot is over though, she feels confident. I on the other hand, worried. After Ren's meltdown though, and wishing she was home, I was hoping the judges would do her a favor and end her misery.
Unfortunately while she sat neck and neck with Naduah in the bottom two, Ren gets to stay behind for another shot at becoming America's Next Top Model.

My weekly favorite this week, was the girl I could not stand last week. Angelea. I adored her pose in both photo-shoots, and think she should have won best photo of the week. Next week I'll probably hate her again though.

And there we have it folks, episode 2 in a nutshell.

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