Saturday, July 19, 2014

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14, Episode 9 Recap

The episode opens up with the girls in their new pad in New Zealand. Jessica is in the kitchen making tacos, and nearly sets the house on fire. You see, she left the tacos on a toaster, hoping to warm up the tortillas. 
We also learned that Jessica considers herself a housewife...yet she cannot cook. Her husband cooks? Yeah, myself and most of the girls in the house were dumbfounded. A housewife, who cannot cook.

One of the girls slaps a foul comment out there about how she feels bad about Jessica's baby, or something foul along that line. At any rate, I couldn't disagree, because as the fire roars on, and the toaster is still plugged in, she throws a wet towel on top of it... which has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever seen someone do. Electric fires, are much different, you don't throw water onto an electrical fire putz.

Anyhow, it seems that old alliances are breaking, and new ones are being formed. The black sheep used to be Alexandra. She sort of just faded out into nowhere, and never really had much involvement with the other girls in the house. It seems however, that her and Krista are new BFF, while Angelea is ousted.

Raina is high on the fact that she is in such a lovely country, and her energy is nice to see, but at the same time, a little annoying... and I still think that she should tweeze them brows.

Anyhow, the girls are all whisked away to the original set of Lord of the Rings. It's neat as hell, because set up on a hill are a bunch of hobbit homes. The girls meet with Jay and Sara Mcleod, and actual actress who played as a hobbit in the movie.

The reason for the visit to the hobbit lair is to let the girls know that they will have to model in tight places, and they have to make it look comfortable. They will be taking photos in the doorway of one of the hobbit homes. I was hoping they'd be modeling inside of the mini homes, but that never happened.
At any rate, Alexandra does some weird poses, and sticks her legs up in the air. She gets OK feedback, but everyone was confused about the legs in the air while on her back pose. Haha! At any rate, her feedback is not harsh or bad.

Raina... like Jessica just does not do it for me. It appears she's trying really hard, but her feedback is not to bad either.

Krista does an excellent job again, although for me, she never makes the cut. I just think she's way to skinny. At any rate, her feedback is also positive, with borderline glowing comments from the judges.
Angelea also does a good job, and receives positive feedback for her posing.

The winner of the challenge however is Krista, again. She wins $3,000 worth of clothing, on top of her challenge win from last week. Back at the house, she's got her new stuff, and her shopping spree.

Angelea is bitter about Krista's win, and it shows. Krista however gloats, and she and Alexandra begin to poke fun at her due to the way she walked up to the judges in last weeks episode. 'The Club' walk.

Anyhow, the next itinerary is the photo shoot. The girls are taken to a vineyard, where their job is to capture the light, even when shadows and difficult situations with lighting is presented. Tyra is their photographer this week. The girls are dressed in wardrobe that does not really stick out as flattering, and then their hair is saturated in mud clay.

While attempting to model, screens with cut outs are placed in front of the light, which create interesting and unique shadows on the girls faces and bodies.

Alexandra manages to inspire Tyra, and Tyra liked her posing variations. Jessica does not offer much variation in her posing, and Raina was boring to watch. Angelea also struggled, once again. I was disappointed to see this, but like Jay mentions later, she does fantastic up until one of the judges are her photographer. Krista wows Tyra again, and it's obvious that likely she will take this weeks best photograph again.

Back in panel, best shot of the week is once again, Krista. The runner up, oddly enough is Alexandra. My favorite, Angelea takes in third place, and our bottom 2 are Raina and Jessica.

At this point, as a viewer, it's very obvious who will be sent home. No guesswork is needed. Taco Fire is sent home, and Raina passes on through to the next round.

Till next week!

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