Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Hills, Season 6, Episode 2 Recap- Rumor Has It

The confusing thing about The Hills, is that most people refer to season 6 as season 7. At any rate, we are in season 6, episode 2.

In this episode the show starts with Kristen having a chat with her bartender gal pal Stacie. Kristen is angry that rumors have reached the tabloids about her hard partying in Miami. Kristen for some reason is dead set on placing the blame on Stephanie Pratt, which in my opinion is really ridiculous. Anyone, would sell this girl out for 10 seconds of paparazzi and media attention.

At any rate, the rumors are that shes on drugs!

We learn that Kristen is having a party at her house, and she invited everyone anyone. Stephanie included. At the party, Kristen confronts Stephanie, who consistently keeps saying she did not spread any rumors. Due to the fact that Brody Jenner is a self proclaimed psychic, he states 'its a fact, that Stephanie is the one who started the rumors'. No one knows where he got these facts from, or why they are fact... so it leads viewers to believe he must be some mystical psychic.

Stephanie keeps telling her she did not spread any rumors, but Kristen's mind is apparently already made up.

Stephanie wants to leave the party early because of this, and she tells Lo she wants to go. Lo tells her she should say hello to her brother Spencer, but Stephanie does not want to. At least not right now.
Anyhow, yes, Spencer and Heidi do make an appearance to Kristen's party, but you can tell they're both hating every moment of being there. It likely was one of those forced MTV meet and greets.

Brody noticed the odd array of jewelry that his ex BFF now sports. Spencer is covered in crystals, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. We get to see an up close and personal reason later on as to why he is wearing all of this garb. It does however lead on to believe that he is either really insane, or just looking for air time.

Holly; Heidi's sister comes out to greet everyone, but Spencer. It causes some tension when someone mentions that she said hi to everyone but Spencer. Holly does not seem to care, but definitely feels awkward now.

Anyhow, Stephanie and Lo are packing up to leave, and Stephanie decides to come outside to say hello to her brother.

She says hi, and Heidi says hi back. Heidi nudges him or notions to say hello to his sister. His eyeballs pop from his beady sockets, and he gives a sarcastic hey hello, or some crap like that. Stephanie stands there, begins to cry, and this is when Spencer goes balls out insane.

Stephanie leaves, and he is still going off about how irrelevant his little sister is, and how he wants nothing to do with her, and her drama... yadda yadda... something about birth certificates? At any rate, I have no idea how his cat woman sat there and did not leave due to embarrassment.

I was also hoping that Holly and Stephanie would tag team and talk about how awful Spencer is. But that never happened, unfortunately.

The following day, Stephanie meets up with Kristen to try and squash Kristen's belief in thinking Stephanie was the one spreading rumors about her. The meet up ends sour, and they both walk away from one another, still heated.

Now we fast forward to Spencer, who meets up with his creepy old man looking friend, who we have seen seasons before. Spencer comes in covered in crystals again, and begins holding one up to his head in attempts to suck out the negative energy. Even his sloppy looking pal thinks Spencer has gone insane.
Then the show comes to an end.

Basically we are left with these highlights.

1. Spencer is insane

2. Spencer is attempting to wall himself, and Heidi up from the entire outside world. To me it seems like psychological abuse, nothing more, nothing less. Heidi cannot see her sister without there being issues, or arguments. Spencer seems to want no one in his life, or Heidi's life... and that's psychotic.

In fact, after watching it, I was wondering how long it would be before the headlines came up in the news, that he shot her, then himself. Watching him unfold this episode was really creepy and scary.

3. Brody still loves Audrina... but she's dating Ryan Cabrera. Brody hates Ryan.

4. Kristen is still pissed and thinks Stephanie spread rumors that she is on drugs.

5. Lo is... uhm. There?
Till next week...

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