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Top 10 Most Unique Potato Chip Flavors

I enjoy weird things, odd products that think outside of the box, and bizarre items that you do not come across on a daily basis. Recently I came across a bag of Ketchup flavored potato chips, and it got me to thinking about all of the unique and strange flavored potato chips I have come across. I usually pick them up and try them and for around $1.00 a bag you really can't go wrong, plus it gives you something to talk about.

I decided to share with you a list of the 10 weirdest potato chip flavors I personally have seen, and tried.

Dill Pickle Potato Chips
I came across a bag of pickle flavored potato chips back when I was a young child. The idea of eating such a weird flavored potato chip grossed me out, but at the same time intrigued me. I begged mom to buy them for me, she raised an eyebrow but let me have them.
They tasted just as one would imagine. These weird flavored potato chips tasted like pickles, yet they had that same gnarly crunch effect you would expect from a potato chip. It's bizarre, and a weird shock to the tongue, however if you really like your pickles, I imagine you would find these oddball pickle flavored chips to be a delight.

Back in the 1980's finding these dill flavored chips were rare, however it appears the weird flavor has gained a fan base, because I find them lying around on shelves regularly at just about every grocery store I've been in.

Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips
The idea of munching on a ketchup flavored potato chip is probably really disgusting to even have to think about. I came across a small bag of these weird potato chips a few years ago, and immediately I was repulsed by them. As with all odd flavored potato chips the initial reaction is usually repulsion, and then interest. Although I was disgusted by the idea of a potato chip having a ketchup flavor added to them, I just had to try them.

Ketchup flavored potato chips are definitely not one I'd recommend, however if you are a total ketchup freak you may enjoy this one. The chips themselves taste like ketchup. Imagine taking a plain salted chip and dipping it into a bowl of ketchup. That is pretty much what you can expect out of this oddity.

Turkey Flavored Potato Chips
I came across these extremely weird flavored potato chip recently. The bag was given to me by a relative who lives in New York. Finding oddball items in New York just seems to come all the more naturally for some. When I was handed the bag of Lay's Turkey Flavored Potato Chips my initial reaction was intrigue. I was not repulsed by this weird and unique idea. For me it was like Thanksgiving mashed into a potato chip, and I could not to wait to get my bite on.
Turkey flavored potato chips tasted just as I expect them to. They tasted like turkey and mashed potatoes, and would you believe, they were actually good!

Acquiring these hard to find chips however is another story.

Honey Baked Ham Flavored Potato Chips
As if anything could be as weird and unique as turkey flavored potato chips, they go and release a honey baked ham flavored potato chip. An avid meat eater may find this odd flavor appealing, but just thinking about chewing on it made my stomach turn. I picked the bag up anyway and took my first taste test about a week later. I was surprised at how delicious they were. I could not imagine eating ham in any other form than ham itself, yet these ham flavored chips were pretty close to being just as delicious as the real deal.

Beer Favored Potato Chips
Being someone who does not drink the entire concept of a chip doused in a beer flavor is sort of nasty. However considering the fact that I have tried so many weird flavored potato chips, I knew there was no way I could continue on living, without at least giving the beer flavored potato chip a try.
I have to say that even though the concept sounds gross, beer flavored chips are not so bad. They have a natural original flavor to them, followed by a strange beer aftertaste. You really do not have to be an avid drinker to enjoy these. They are done right, and taste good. Cheers!

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
These weird potato chip delights grace our presence every single holiday. I had seen chocolate covered potato chips being sold in fancy cartons for prices that were a little ridiculous for a potato chip. However due to the fact that they are normally found during the holidays, chip companies who make them feel it is only fair to add a high price tag to their cleverly wrapped chocolate covered potato chips.

Being a chocolate lover, and an avid fan of potato chips, I had to give them a try. The chips were covered in Belgian chocolate and looked like a Pringle, only doused in chocolate goodness. Some even contained nuts on the chip.

As far as the taste goes, I have to say that they are definitely not for everyone. I personally enjoy chocolate covered pretzels, but there is just something so wrong about chocolate covered chips. You are initially hit with the delicious flavor of smooth and creamy chocolate, followed by a stale potato chip that lacks all of its delicious crunch power.

Honey Mustard Potato Chips
A lot of different potato chip companies make honey mustard flavored potato chips, and after trying my fair share of them I must say that they are pretty good, no matter what company you buy them from. Some have a sweet honey flavor that overpowers the flavor of the mustard, while others douse it in mustard flavoring which create a harsher, yet equally delicious potato chip. It may sound weird, but truly, mustard flavored chips are delicious.

Steak & Worcestershire Flavored Potato Chips
This weird flavored potato chip is not as odd as one may think. I know that when I first came across the Steak & Worcestershire flavored potato chips by Herr's I was taken back a bit, but I began to think about how wonderful these little guys could be. As it turned out the chips taste closer to BBQ flavored chips than they do steak & Worcestershire, but they are still really delicious potato chips, with a nice zingy aftertaste, which I imagine is supposed to be the Worcestershire sauce.

Crab Flavored Potato Chips
When I came across a large bag of crab flavored potato chips by Utz I could not wait to get home to try them. I love seafood, with crab being my favorite sea born delight. Once I opened the bag the seafood scent of crab was very present, after taking my first bite though I noted that the crab flavored chips tasted like BBQ chips, with a much more zingy and salty aftertaste. The note of crab is present, but more in scent than in flavor. The chips flavor may sound weird, but they taste pretty normal to me.

Baby Back Ribs, Flavored Potato Chips
I came across a bag of Baby Back Rib flavored potato chips, and I must say the picture on the bag alone was worthy of landing these chips on this list of weird flavored potato chips. Herr's makes them, and they feature a photograph of none other than baby back ribs, doused in sauce. Looking at the bag makes you want to fire up the grill and cook some ribs.

It takes time though, and a lot of people like instant satisfaction, so they decided to bag up a baby back rib flavored chip! Delicious. The plus side is, this weird potato chip flavor is delicious, and does a really spectacular job at matching up its flavor to the real deal.

Over the years I have seen, and tried many weird flavored potato chips. I cannot wait to see what the chip companies come up with next!

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