Saturday, July 19, 2014

Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 14, Episode 8 Recap

So the remaining contestants in Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 14 have jet set on over to New Zealand; well everyone except for Anslee who got the Axe in episode 7.

This week in episode 8 the girls are taken from the plane, straight to a lovely field in New Zealand, where they watch a small odd ritual with men in cultural wardrobe. I did not quite get the whole purpose of it, but the extra culture shock was really cool to see. The girls could have worked on their expressions though, as they all looked semi grossed out by the entire thing.

Anyhow, after the ritualistic dance the girls are told that they will be going on their go sees. The fun catch was that each and every one of them looked tired, horrible, lacking makeup, and due to the high humidity, some of them had the worst kind of frizzy hair. It was an interesting twist, because in the beginning of the competition Tyra always made it a point to be ready for a go see at any time. It was possibly a subtle hint. After a long 22 hour flight, the girls are off, in the race to impress potential clients.

You would think that after 13 previous cycles the girls would have figured out by now that being late back to the meeting place means you're axed. Season after season though, there is always a handful of girls that do not make it back in time.

Krista, Raina, and Alasia are all late back from their go see, so they are eliminated. Angelea manages make it to all 6 go sees, and all 6 clients would book her for a show. Alexandra however did not get a single client to say that they would book her, and Jessica... well she fades off in my mind because she looks too casual and un-original. In fact, whenever I write these recaps, I nearly forget all about her.

At any rate, Angelea wins the challenge and as a reward is given an outfit from each of the designers she met with that day. That's sweet outfits!

The girls return home, and get Trya mail, which is just another subtle clue at what there photo shoot will be this week.

We now fast forward to the photo shoot where the girls are told they will all be wearing the exact same outfit. The entire purpose was to stand out, above and beyond all of the other girls.

The wardrobe features a stunning silky black gown that glides with every twist in the wind. Their makeup is dark, bold, and very Gothic looking. What I loved about this shoot was the wardrobe, because it did not fit to the rest of the scene, which included a hillside background, with an actual sheep which was used as a prop for the girls in the shot.

Some failed, and others nailed it. Fr some reason this week, many of the girls were confused about the shoot, and naturally confusion showed through each and every shot.

Angelea in particular finally blows it. Week after week she impressed me with the way she owned every photo shoot. This week though, she flunks out. What was worse though, was her little girl pouting while waiting for Tyra to call her name to see if she would pass through to the next round. That happens later though.

On to Alexandra. Jay loves her versatile looks, and posing. For me though, as usual she fell flat.
Krista nails it once again this week, but it sort of confused me because she was posing in nearly the same manner as Angelea, but for some reason, Jay loved it.

Jessica... 'crickets chirping'. I don't really recall what happens here with her, but I know that Jay was not all to impressed with her posing, and lack of making a connection.

Alasia also flunks this week, and more than likely will be the one who gets the Axe While viewing the shoot, you get a good idea of who is getting axed. My hunch was on her.

Back in panel, the judges call the girls up one by one. Krista takes home the cake, with best photo of the week.
Oddly enough, Alexandra is called up next, as the weeks runner up.

Angelea is looking at the ground feeling sorry for herself, and Tyra calls her out on it, calling it unattractive; however Angelea is safe.

Our bottom two are Jessica and Alasia.

The judges let Jessica through for yet another round, and Alasia is sent packing.

Till next week!!!

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