Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Hills, Season 6 Episode 1 -Put on a Happy Face

Last night, I was sooo excited for the season premier of The Hills final season 6. Once again Kristen is our narrator, but is doing a dull job at keeping the plot interesting. She seems drained, tired, and just monotone, at any rate, I still love our bad girl, let's just hope she does not get too dreamy this season.

The highlight of the season had nothing to do with Kristen though, in fact he small partying binge was a small bother compared to what Heidi Montag had to deliver.

As most fans know, she had plastic surgery, but we have yet to really see her face in action. Besides, all of those cover photos she had been in simply amped up the sex appeal and made her look good, because one look at her face on The Hills last night, and I noticed my nose was scrunched up, and my mind screaming 'dear God, love, what have you done!?'
Heidi's mom is not to happy either, especially after Heidi goes over the extensive list of dangerous surgeries she had done. Off the top of my mind, she has had her ears pinned back, her chin shaved, fat injected into her lips and cheeks- both cheeks, she had her rump done too. The most shocking besides her catlike face though had to be the spinal surgery. Really!?!? REALLY!? Jesus Christ.

Her mom asked the same question I had been thinking, is this reversible?
The answer is no. Our young, fresh looking Heidi is long gone. She looks nothing like Barbie as she was hoping, she looks like the cat woman; not the sexy one in leather. That and it seems like she went from going from 20 something, to 40 something. Yikes!
Besides the shocking new Heidi-Face...

Audrina, Lo, Stephanie and Kristen all go out to some hotel to spend a party fueled weekend with the guys. The guys consist of Brody Jenner and his usual entourage.

Brody seems to have a crush on Audrina, and Kristen is jealous. Oh yeah, she's single again. Things just did not work out with Justin. Nothing really juicy happens, but the girls accuse Kristen of being cracked out, and partying too hard.

It seemed like a usual weekend in Vegas, she just party's harder than the rest, but the accusations surely will be extended throughout the season.

At any rate, the season premier seemed to highlight whats to expect throughout the rest of the season, and I am praying for the grand finale to include Heidi breaking up with Spencer. Like her family has said, this is obviously psychological issues, and she needs to work on them, before adding another list of surgeries to her agenda.

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