Sunday, July 20, 2014

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14, Episode 3 Recap

In last nights cycle 14, episode 3 of America's Next Top Model, we get a glimpse at why Ren is even in the competition; not just because she was scouted, but the real reason behind her presence on the show. Last week we got a pretty good dose of her reality; and as it seemed she did not want to be there. She wanted no part of the drama, or the bickering in the house.

This week we start off by learning that the only reason she is in the competition is because her mother would be happy, and that her mother likes the show. Ren however really could care less either way; she gets really wishy washy though because one moment she wants no part of it, and the next minute she claims she wants to stay.

Anyhow, after a brief summary on Ren's reasoning for being in the house, the girls are swooshed off on a tour bus where they meet up with past competitor Toccara. In this segment of the show, the girls are split up into teams where they will attempt to answer questions about the fashion industry. The team that wins will get a bunch of excellent prizes, the best being featured in spring campaign.
The blue team takes the win, which pisses off Anslee, who blames Brenda for not being able to answer the final question towards the win. Anslee makes it a point to become a raving childlike monster that we all remember from Junior High-school. Sore loser anyone?!

Anyhow, while the winning team all get ready for their BlueFly shoot, the losing team gets a behind the scene job, which includes stocking up inventory in a crammed room.

Afterward, back at the house a group of the girls are upstairs gossiping about other girls that are not in the room. Ren who is in the room is listening on as Anslee begins to trash talk about Brenda. Suddenly the comment that Brenda's hair makes her look like Chucky is thrown out there, and even though it was foul, and fueled by jealousy, I couldn't help but laugh. Her hair does look awful, and she does resemble Chucky...I'd say the Son of Chucky... but you get my drift. The foul comment had some truth to it.

Ren who is the self proclaimed 'I hate drama' girl, decided to take it upon herself to inform Brenda about the ugly Chucky comment. I was not expecting her to stoop to this sort of crap, but low and behold, there she was stirring up unnecessary trouble.

Brenda naturally begins to talk about the situation later on downstairs, where Anslee goes all lunatic on her, and begins an explosive little bitch fit over a whole lot of nothing. Yawn, at this point I'm wishing she is sent home more and more.

Next we move on to the photo shoot, which the girls are given a dance to represent on film. They are taught a few dance moves, and are put into wardrobe and makeup.

No one really stuck out to me besides Angelea and Alasia, everyone else seemed to need more direction.

During the elimination ceremony, Alasia wins best picture of the week, and Tyra flat out asks Ren is she wants to be in the competition due to her lack luster photo. Ren tells her that she is in the competition because her mother loves the show.

I was thinking she would say no and to send her home, but instead she tells her she does want to remain in the competition.

The girls are then called up one by one, and we are left with our bottom 2 which includes Ren and Brenda.

I had a pretty good feeling Ren would get the axe, and I'm sure she did too, because before announcing who was cut, Ren tells her that she is in the competition for the wrong reasons. Tyra was not keeping her anyway, so she's axed, and Brenda continues on towards becoming Americas Next Top Model.

Thankfully, as Brenda is lining up with the other girls, Tyra lets her know someone will be knocking on her door soon to work on her look.

Basically Tyra let Brenda know her hair looks terrible, she does look like Chucky, and perhaps she'll give her a weave. Thank God! Poor girl!

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