Sunday, July 20, 2014

Breaking Bad, Season 3, Premiere Recap

This Sunday the long awaited season 3 of Breaking Bad finally hit our television sets. I was antsy on where we left off last season, with an explosive finish, to an explosive season. However the season left fans of the series itching for more, and it felt like forever ago that a giant plane exploded over Walt's neighborhood.

We start off season 3 with a more melancholy tone to it. But before getting into that, it seems that this season has added a brand new twist that I'm sure many viewers were not expecting.

They introduce us to Mexican voodoo, aka Santeria.

We begin with 2 very bad ass looking men who roll up in a beautiful black car to a small village in the middle of the desert. While they are driving up to this village, we see that a whole bunch of the locals in the town are crawling on their stomachs. We are left not knowing what the hell is going on, or why they are doing it.
The two men stop their luxurious car, and get out. As a viewer you are left thinking that maybe the locals are worshiping these men, who give off a very powerful drug lord vibe.
Instead of stomping on these crawling locals, they join them. They get down in the dirt, to the ground, and begin crawling towards a run down little shack.
If you've got any brains you begin to put the pieces together. These locals, and these men are about to embark on some ritual. Their target happens to be Walter White. You know this because on the wall there is a crude, yet obvious drawing of him on paper.

Yikes! But seriously how cool is that? I was not expecting voodoo to take part in this show, and here it is, presented to us in all of its creepy glory!

Next we are taken back over to Walter White, who seems to be depressed about his entire situation. His wife left him and took the kids, while at the same time, he is aware that he played a role in the death of Jane, and the reason her father went over the edge, who then coordinated a planes crash. It was sort of a domino effect; daughter dies, father goes nuts, goes back to work as an air traffic controller, and in turn kills a slew of passengers on a plane.

While sitting outside on his pool deck, he chucks a slew of money into his BBQ grill, ignites it and sets it on fire. He eventually snaps out of it, and throws the money into the pool, and then himself for accidentally lighting his sleeve on fire.

Walt begins to gather up the money, and comes to find the stuffed animals eye in his pool filter. This eye is apparently significant, as it was consistently briefly added in season 2 during fast forward frames throughout the season.

The eye belonged to a child's stuffed toy, that had fallen out of the sky from the plane that crashed.
Walt pockets the toys eye, as his brother in law comes over to help him move into his new abode. I was expecting a nifty nice upgrade considering all of the money he has, but instead Walt keeps his profile low and goes with a ratty little apartment.

Next we are taken over to Walt's wife, who is discussing divorce with a lawyer. I don't really take this scene to heart, and frankly would love to see the wife axed off of the show, so Walt could go full combo Rambo drug lord with a heart as cold as stone.

But alas, this is where we are. Skyler is attempting to file for divorce.

Meanwhile Jesse is in his rehab center still trying to come to his own terms with the fact that he believes he is responsible for Jane's death, and responsible for Jane's father going insane, and killing a bunch of people on the plane he directed to crash.

Skyler eventually meets with Walt to let him know that she feels he is a drug dealer, and that she will remain silent so long as he disappears from her, and the children's lives. Being completely resistant to hearing his side of why he even began doing what he is doing, she walks out. (Yeah, knock her off the show, it's just annoying at this point).

Shortly afterward we fast forward to Walt meeting up with Gus, the biggest drug lord, who conveniently keeps a low profile by running a Pollo restaurant. Walt had received a phone call from him earlier in the show, but ignored the call. Walt tells him he no longer wants to be a part of the crime network. He of course, says it in a much more respectful way. He is after all dealing with the VIP drug lord.

Gus offers him 3 million dollars for 3 months of his time. Walt thinks about it, but rejects the offer.
As viewers we are left not knowing how Gus will handle the rejection. He will either let it be, or attempt to knock him off.

Shortly afterward we see that Jesse has been released, and is coming to stay with Walt in his new apartment.

The episode ends off with the 2 Mexican cartels once again returning to the small desolate little town in the desert. They remove their expensive clothing, and hand over the keys to their car. Initially we thought they were going to come kill the goat that had been given too much camera time. Instead they hang their keys on his horn.

Next we see that they have shacked in the back of a large pickup truck that is filled with others who seem to be attempting to cross the borders illegally.

One man notices their lovely shoes though, and soon hushes up when he realizes what the silver skulls on their shoes represent.

Before you know it, you hear a bunch of rat, tat, tats, and you're aware that the 2 had just shot everyone in the truck.

This is basically where we leave off. Apparently the mass murder was part of some sort of ritual in hopes to bringing down Walt.

This season looks like it is going to be awesome, and frankly I didn't think they could do better than season 2; by the looks of it though, I may be wrong!

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