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America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14, Episode 5 Recap

This weeks episode of America's Next Top Model (Cycle 14, Episode 5) we begin the episode with the remaining models in the house reading letters received from their loved ones back at home. Anslee begins to bawl her eyes out when she reads the card written by her young daughter.

It's a sweet little mommy moment, but because of this little break down, I really thought she was going to get the boot this week. I figured she would let her emotions get the best of her, like we have seen so many other contestants do in previous cycles. They couldn't knack being away from loved ones, and it ended up causing them their shot at becoming the next top model.

Anyhow, after this, the girls are taken to a mini challenge set up by the judges. Their challenge is to make a fast connection with a complete stranger. Basically it is to teach them that when they have to work with other models, they have to break the ice, and make a connection in order for their poses to look believable on camera.

The challenge was a bit funny, because they used Nigel as the 'shy model'. Their job was to warm up to him, get to know him, and see if they are capable of making a fast social connection, in order to feel comfortable with him, and for him to feel comfortable with them, if they were to...have a photo shoot together.

There was no photo shoot though, but the entire little challenge was really funny. No one stuck out as all too wonderful, but one girl really made a fool of herself. That one would be Jessica. If this is how this girl tries breaking the ice with the opposite sex, she is nothing more than a modern day...loosie goosie.

The entire scene with Jessica though was funny, and she was trying way too hard, she failed miserably, and made herself look like a horny horny little beast.

It is obvious at this point that the girls will need to use this learned skill of breaking the ice to work with another model. We just don't know who that 'other model' will be at this time.

Later on we learn that the model they will be working with is Ross Mathews, a comedian, who is not very attractive to look at. Their job however is to portray an attraction and a connection to him.

The girls are all placed in wardrobe and makeup, and they each take turns one by one, posing in a large bay window in a building. Down below, Nigel is photographing them. They get no help while in the shoot from Jay, or anyone else. This shoot is all their own, with no guidance whatsoever. Their job is to give off the impression that they are really into Ross.

This is not necessarily a photo shoot that will be used in the judging panel. This is their challenge, and oddly enough, Jessica ends up taking the win. Go figure! She wins a pair of expensive designer earrings.

The one thing that bothered me though was Anslee's teary eyed confession later on to the camera. She once again is downing on the other girls because as usual, she thinks she's the best.

This time her beef is with Jessica, she is so mad because she felt her connection was so much stronger, blah blah blah... someone send her home.

After this challenge, we skip over to the actual photo shoot. This week the girls theme is fake, plastic, fraud, counterfeit. Their job is to portray looking fake.

The entire... thing I did not really grasp, but the girls are put into wardrobe, where they are given ridiculous fake tans, horrendously huge contacts to make their eye color look very fake, fake nails, fake designer clothes, etc.

I won't mention how the shoot went for all of the girls, but I need to mention the ones that stuck out for both good, and bad reasons.

Tatiana fails to impress the judges all too much, and the note that she keeps covering her face with her hands is mentioned by Jay more than once. I however loved her makeup, and thought her wild makeup would help her get a good shot.

All in all, Tatiana fails. I hoped though someone would do worse, so she would be able to stay. I really enjoy looking at her, and she can give so many different beautiful faces if you look back at her past shoots. She's like a human chameleon.

Up next we have Anslee.

In wardrobe and makeup, she was still all teary eyed over her daughter, and the fact that she was last weeks bottom 2, and likely because Jessica won those earring and she didn't. Drama, drama, drama momma. It's getting really annoying.

At any rate, before her shoot even began, I as well as thousands of other fans of the show figured she'd just screw it up. Self Axe herself or something.

At first she sucks. But she finally begins to let loose, unfortunately it took her to the very end of the shoot to finally begin to nail it. Her shot was over, just before her flower blossoms. Oh well.

All in all, Anslee failed in my opinion. She needed far too much coaching from Jay, and I figured she would be axed.

But then out stomps Alexandra, the plus sized model. Now in the house she looks just as think as the other girls, but on set she always looks larger than what she does in her usual clothes. At any rate, Alexandra looked like a hot mess, but so did all of the other girls.

Its obvious she is uncomfortable, and she comes to the shoot looking awkward, with an awkward personality to match it. She barely moves around, her energy is lacking, and she does not give us all too many different poses.

I had a good feeling Alexandra was going to get the Axe, above and beyond all the others.
At this point I did not really have a favorite. Jessica went on set all bubbly and high on life, but she didn't look like a model to me. She looked like a girl in silly makeup, with silly dance like moves on the set.

Then out stepped Angelea, her radiant energy was intoxicating, and I seriously wanted to watch her entire shoot from front to back over and over again. Angelea looked like a model, she reeked of seriousness not seen in ANY of the other girls, and her makeup and wardrobe was fabulous, and she came on set with the fabulous fake energy. It was the ONLY model in the bunch that gave off the impression of being fake and loving it.

I had a really strong feeling she would take the weeks best photo.
Fast forward to the judging panel.

Oddly enough, the judges like Jessica's photo the best. I was pretty surprised, because after seeing Angelea's photo, and the reaction to her photo, I really thought she had this one in the bag, and I still feel the judges messed up on the best photo of the week. Hands down, that title belonged to Angelea.
Angelea however gets the title as the runner up for best photo of the week.

With that said, I had a feeling that Anslee and Alexandra would be in the bottom 2. I wanted Anslee to get sent home, because frankly I'm tired of her drama. I had a strong feeling though, that the one who got the Axe would be Alexandra.

My assumptions were off.

Anslee is safe.

Our bottom 2 are Tatiana (what!?), and Alexandra.

I loved Tatiana's photo last week, and I really liked her photo this week. I wanted them to send Alexandra home, but instead they Axe off Tatiana, because according to the judges, her photo shoots are always the same, as in, she takes a bunch of really ugly photos, and only has 1 in the bunch that saves her. They are afraid that she will have a shoot where there is no photo to save her.

Bye-bye Tatiana.

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