Saturday, July 19, 2014

The New 90210: Who Loves Annie Again? I Do, I Do!

Last year I really was hoping that the new 90210 would kick off one of their main characters; Annie. This season however, Annie has taken on a brand new, deep dark role which I personally have loved ever since the new season started. Last season Annie was a little annoying, had no back bone, and whined WAY too much. Her acting was subpar, and her face just bothered me. As it turns out, the poor girl was just given really crappy lines. Thankfully the writers have stepped up and given Annie a brand new path to take.
The season begins where it left off. If you remember last season, we were left off with Annie running something over in her car, while she was upset, and drunk. Uh-oh!
I figured that was OK though, it'd be a sweet way to write Annie off of the show. Throw her in jail of course!

Instead we are taken down another path first. Annie's fate however is still unknown.

In this season Annie learns that she possibly may have been responsible for running a person over, and killing him. Annie feels very guilty, and tries to reach out to Jasper, who turns out to be the nephew of the man she may have killed.

At first everything with Jasper seemed great; well except that he looked really small, thin, and malnourished to play the role of a rebel.

At any rate, Annie and Jasper begin a deep and loving relationship. The relationship spirals a bit out of control, to the point where Annie is obsessed with him, and the love seems mutual, but almost unhealthy.

As a viewer, it is quite obvious that this guy is bad news, and likely already knows that Annie is the one who ran down his uncle. Yeah you can kinda guess early on, but that's OK. The drama up to the moment of truth is pretty decent material.

Annie's parents don't seem to like Jasper, and neither does Dixon; her brother. However Annie refuses to see any faults in Jasper.

To make a long story short, Annie eventually finds out that Jasper is indeed a drug dealer. In the past she refused to hear the accusations of others regarding Jasper. However when Adrianna let's her know that she in fact has purchased drugs from Jasper in the past, Annie finally begins to see the truth, and dumps Jasper.

Naveed decides to dig too deeply into the situation, and has Jasper push him down a flight of stairs, which in turn landed him in the hospital.

At any rate, Jasper refuses to let Annie go, and lets her know he knows her secret, and he knows she was the one that ran his uncle over. He basically uses it as blackmail to keep her with him.
His plan does not work, and he eventually goes nuts and tries to commit suicide. He does not die though, but before being put into a mental hospital, he lets Annie know that he will never tell her secret, no matter what. He loves her too much.

Annie feels a sense of freedom, that she is finally free from the insanity brought on by Jasper. However just as Annie senses her freedom, she is reminded of exactly what she did. In this weeks episode of 90210, it appears that the guilt of killing a person is driving her insane.

Oh this is going to be delicious!!!

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