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America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14, Episode 6 Recap

Last night, April 14th, fans of the show tuned in to America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14, episode 6. For those of you whom weren't able to catch the episode, here is the scoop.

This week we learn that the remaining contestants have divided themselves into 2 separate cliques. This sort of drama happens with every season. You have your mean girls, your overachievers, and girls that are just plain annoying.

In the cliques division I really have no particular side. I think the catty bickering is just hilarious, either way.

This week though I'm not sure who belongs to which clique. Anslee is not really liked by any of the girls, Angelea seems to have a closer bond with Krista, while Alasia sort of sticks to herself. Jessica and Raina seem to be buddy, buddies, while Brenda and Alexandra sort of just stick out in the middle of nowhere.

Anyhow, the very first challenge the girls embark on is meeting with Seventeen's editor in chief. She gives them a quick lesson on fashion and what to wear for their body types, and how presenting themselves to those in the fashion industry is a huge priority, and that you cannot expect to get hired if you walk in looking like a mess.

After this quick lesson, the girls are pointed out to a huge rack of clothing. Their challenge is to put together a look based on their body types, and the lessons they just learned about what is flattering for their type.

There is no winner in this challenge though, as they all did a good job. They all got a prize though; they get to keep the outfits they put on.

Next we are taken to the limo ride back to the house, where Jessica begins to whine about Alasia making them late to meet the editor in chief. They get into a spat due to Jessica's rude attitude towards Alasia. The fight was a one on one between Alasia and Jessica, when suddenly Chucky... I mean, Brenda, interrupts by saying how uneducated some of the girls are. Angelea overhears this and the battle begins between these two.

Back at the house, later on in the evening they get a letter which is an invitation to Tinsley Mortimor's party, which will include the unveiling of her collection of handbags. This is a pretty important opportunity for them because many key people in the fashion industry will be attending, and this is their time to shine, in hopes of impressing them.

Alasia bombs it, and becomes socially awkward, while the other girls seem to have an easier time at networking. The thing with this event however was that only a few interviews between the girls, and Tinsley were shown. I guess they ran out of air time, and had to cut the rest out from airing.

At any rate, Jessica wins the challenge. This is her second challenge win in a row, and her prize is a shoot for Seventeen magazine, which will be featured in the magazine. She gets to choose 2 friends to join her in the photo shoot, and she picks Raina and Brenda.

The Photo shoot:
The following day all of the girls are brought down into the subway where they will be having their weekly photo shoot. They are brought into hair and makeup, and are given different New York personalities to portray in their photos, while struggling to maintain composure in a moving subway train.

Everyone does a mediocre job besides the 2 I am about to mention.

First being Alasia. This poor girl really bombed her photo shoot this week, and Jay even told her that there was not even one good shot to present to Tyra. This naturally brings her to tears. A past weekly favorite is likely going to be in the bottom 2 this week.

Next is Angelea, my season favorite. She is rough, hard, and a little ghetto in her voice, but she nailed her photo shoot this week, and impresses everyone on set. Angelea was also my favorite last week, and I still hold to saying that she should have gotten best photo last week over Jessica.

In Panel:
All of the girls seemed to have done a good job this week, even Alexandra gets some kudos, even though I thought she would be in the bottom 2, because she looked so uncomfortable and awkward AGAIN on shoot.

The girls that do not impress the judges are Alasia, and then Jessica.

Jessica, instead of taking criticism and transforming into something positive, argues a bit with the judges, when they tell her that her shoes are too hoochie, and her outfit is not very fashion forward. Her response is 'you're kidding me right?' She did not necessarily say it with an attitude, but I knew it would be the reason she would be in the bottom half, or sent home this week.

Angelea gets the best photo, and gets a huge applause and kudos from all of the judges. I was happy, I love her!

The bottom 2 goes to Brenda and Alasia.

In the end, the cut the Axe on Brenda, and Alasia continues on toward becoming America's Next Top Model.

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