Saturday, July 19, 2014

Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 14, Episode 7 Recap

Last nights episode 7, or Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 14 seemed to point in the direction that Alexandra will be the next contestant to be sent packing. However due to this fact, it also seemed like a manipulative way to fool the viewers. I began to think, all the attention Alexandra got this episode made me wonder if she was actually going to pass through. Oh sneaky, sneaky.

The episode begins with Angelea celebrating her best photo of the week success back in the house. Her photo was displayed as digital art in the house, and naturally the mini diva had to celebrate, and make the other girls aware of her self pride.

Regardless, I hated her at first, but she is my favorite and I hope she takes the win.
Anyhow, moving forward to Alexandra who is sulking on her bed again, and Krista has some one on one time with the camera in the private room where she discusses wanting so badly to get this weeks best picture. Her ambition leads us to believe that she actually will get this weeks best photograph.

Next there is a knock at the door, the girls answer it and find Pat Cleveland a past fashion model, and no other than Whitney Port. I was happy to see that Whitney got her clothing line launched finally. I followed her show The City religiously!

At any rate, the girls are dragged off to a drag queen cabaret where they are called up to walk a runway. The challenge was to walk the walk while allowing their own personal vibrating personalities shine.

The girl I liked the most was Krista, and Angelea. I couldn't pick a favorite because I loved both of them, however they were all judged by the crowd. Whom ever got the most noise when their names were called, would be crowned the winner.

Alexandra gets a few claps, Angelea gets a ton of clapping, Raina gets a few claps and hoots and Anslee does not get a single nomination- you could hear the crickets chirp. The loudest noise was made for Krista. Krista wins the runway walk, and is given a crown and wand. Her prize is mentioned later on, and it's a damn good one at that.

Back home at the model house, the girls receive Tyra mail that lets them know their next shoot will be a hairy situation, and to not get tangled up.

I was thinking of what it could possibly mean, and thought they would be dressed to look like spiders. Spiders have always reminded me of models, with their long legs. I figured a web would be made, where the girls would be tangled... my guess was off though; way off.

The girls are instead dressed in hair. Literately. Dresses made of hair is the wardrobe. Although creative, I found the set to be rather boring.

The girls are divided into 2 teams, but take photographs themselves. The reasoning for the division was this: The other team was allowed to yell criticism to one another as they took turns posing.

Jessica does a decent job at posing and moving around, but perhaps she moved around too much.

Anslee gets stuck on one pose, and barely even moves around. She seems to just sit still like a statue, but she looked good, and I assumed she was safe enough, especially after Alexandra stepped on stage.

Angelea stepped on stage doing an odd salsa type dance, but for me, it still looked graceful with a touch of drag queen diva. Jay gives her a pointer and she is back in the game with a slew of new poses.

Alexandra looked lost, confused, and completely awkward. She nearly fell a few times, she looked scared, and uncomfortable with her body. I truly thought she would be going home, as none of the other girls did half as bad as she had.

Krista does a marvelous job with her poses, and it becomes clear that she will likely win best photo of the week.

Alasia also gets stuck like Anslee. She seems stiff, and barely moves around.

Raina is one model I nearly forgot about. Nothing pops besides her busy eyebrows for me. In fact, I can't even remember if she did well on the shoot.

In panel, the girls are called up one by one, where they are shown their photo, and given kudos, or constructive criticism.

The judges do not like Anslees photo at all. She looked to stiff.

Krista gets applauded for her photograph, while Angelea is applauded as well for her odd pose as well.

Alasia is given nearly the same story as Anslee. She looked stiff, and did not move around and pose enough.

Alexandra also looks awkward. For me it looked like she was ready to fall over, yet the awkward photo was neat to me.

Jessica is given kudos as well, and Raina delivers a decent shot as well.

So who goes home?
Before getting into that, Tyra announces to the girls that they will be going to New Zealand. The girls go hooray, but naturally one girl needs to be sent home before they go packing up for New Zealand. Krista delivers the best photograph of the week.

Krista delivers the best photograph, and is awarded first class seating on the flight. Angelea is runner up, and Krista chooses her as her first class flight buddy.

The bottom 2 are Alexandra and Anslee.

At this moment I was near positive Alexandra would be sent home, but the judges, for some odd reason chose to keep Alexandra and send Anslee packing.

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