Saturday, July 19, 2014

Did Rumer Willis' Lesbian Role on the New 90210 Make Her Hot?

Let's face it, when one hears the name Rumer Willis, the very last thing that pops into mind is 'hot girl'. In fact a lot of really mean people have called her a bunch of horrible names based off of her appearance.

Me, I never really cared one way or another. She has the face of her mother and father mixed into one. She is not ugly in my opinion, just unique, different, and for some like myself, we find that beauty to be the most rare.

The majority though would disagree.

More recently though I noticed that Rumer had popped up in an episode of the new 90210. At first I was agitated, because there is nothing I hate more than famous actors children sucking up fame they do not deserve, just because they are so-and-so's kid.

However within moments of delivering her first lines, I was surprised at how natural she delivered, and frankly she is more believable than most of the veteran's on the show. I mean hello, that kid who plays Dixon can't even fake being sad, yet throw Rumer in for a few moments, and she's already more believable than the rest of the cast.

I had no idea she would be joining the cast, but I figured it would be a short 2 or 3 episode deal.

Her role:
Rumer comes onto the show by becoming close friends with Adrianna. The two have a lot in common, and are both battling their addiction to drugs, in hopes of staying clean. They use one another as support, and a very tight nit bond is formed.

Adrianna is still trying to get over Naveed, while Gia (Rumer) is also attempting at getting over her ex, whom happens to be a girl!

Its pretty obvious where things will go with this one. But it was fun to watch nonetheless.
Eventually Gia lets Adrianna know she likes her, as in, more than a friend. Soon after Adrianna realizes she too likes Gia more than just a friend.

And yes, they kiss. Girl on girl action on the new 90210. Our first lesbian interaction on the show! Uhm-awesome!? Yeah, awesome.
Did this role as Gia make Rumer seem hotter to viewers?
I'd have to say so. Lately forums and articles are flooding the Internet with news of Rumer looking hot, cute, and likable; terms which were pretty rare for her.

It may take a while but if you managed to follow the episodes from start to end, you too would find Rumer to be a lot hotter than she once was. She's got that dark yet vibrant personality, which is very addicting.

All in all I have to say that choosing this role was a damn good move. Kudos to the Willis kid!

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