Friday, July 18, 2014

Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 15 Season Premiere

Cycle 15 of Americas Next Top Model sprang up on us pretty quickly... I mean my, my it seemed like yesterday that...uhm... other girl.. what's-er-name just won Cycle 14.

At any rate we were blessed with yet another season, with the game plan mixed up a bit. Instead of battling for a spot on Cover Girl, the contestants are duking it out for the creme de la crop, a cover and spread in Vogue magazine. You know, that super classy fatty thick magazine, that no one ever buys, or even looks at on news stands? Yeah that one. The classy, yet oh so boring magazine. Don't worry though, they will still get a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl... I- I think?

Like every season premiere, this one was really no different, besides the fact that Tyra is looking for a really high fashion model this time around.

We are introduced to the mobs of potentials, and immediately as a viewer, I hated on particular girl, who thankfully was outed on the first airing of the show, so that was a plus. Other than the bubble head, with a self righteous ego problem, no one really stuck out as interesting. The models that is, none of them, as of right now stuck out to me and grabbed a 'I remember her name' spot in my brain.

There is one particular girl however who is very, very tall, so tall that other agencies refused to even see her due to being 'too tall'!

Although she did not stick out as interesting, besides her height, and super small waist, I did like her shy and awkward disposition.

Lastly we have a girl who deserves a mention due to the fact that she already had a nickname. Willow. When she came into the room to meet the panel of judges, they asked her to pose, and she did a wonderful job. She was so interesting to me that she deserved me taking my time to google her name. Rhianna. So there it is, the one girl who I feel had potential in the very first airing. She also has some interesting eyes, and yeah, I would not mind seeing her grab the top slot this season.

Anyhow, till next week, when contestant names begin to stick, and the competition begins to roll. Oh boy, I'm excited!!!

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