Friday, July 18, 2014

Jersey Shore, Season 2, Episode 6 Recap

So 6 episodes in and finally the Miami Shore... I mean Jersey Shore? begins to heat up. We sat patiently at the sidelines for 5 boring non-drama episodes waiting for the big explosive moment when Sammi and JWOWW have their heated head to head battle.

Before getting into that though, we begin the episode with the girls (not including Sammi) return home drunk from a club. Before bed though Snooki decides to go shack up with Vinny, where the 2 have sex. I am not sure why this sex romp was so open and out there as far as next day discussion goes, seeing that in the first or second episode Snooki and Vinny already hook up. At any rate, this romp seems to be the first one, so I have no clue what type of editing took place in the first Snooki and Vinny bedscapade.
Snooki lets Sammi know about the package Vinny carries, and they giggle about it.

Meanwhile, Sammi is still angry about who the author of the anonymous letter is. Not that it matters, but she seems to be under the impression that if she discovers who wrote it, all of her boy problems will be solved.

JWOW for some reason is gunning after Sammi though. I'm under the impression that it is because her guilt is eating at her, and instead of just manning up, she decides to do a 360 and just start hating on Sam. At any rate, its sort of ridiculous.

Anyhow, fast forward on to The Situation who picks up a bond and brings her home back to the house for some lovin. While home though, he decides that he is not in the mood to preform yet, so he leaves this girl in his bedroom while he has some dinner, and smokes some smoke. Why this bimbo didn't just go home is beyond me, but he basically uses her, and sends her on her way quickly afterward. "There is a cab waiting out front for you." he says. Ouch, burn!
The Sitch has some funny luck in regards to blonds this week though. Another night, another time, he has a blond flirting with him like crazy, as it turn out this blond may not be sporting a nature made vagina, nope, this gal is a tranny.

The following day after the blond cab kick out, we move on over to the girls who are planning to cook for the guys, instead of the other way around. It was Sammi's idea last week, so we move over to this week. Sammi has convinced herself that the letter did in fact get written by either JWOWW or Snooki, but before it is confirmed, she decides to start acting awkward around everyone. She decides not to help them, or at least that is how JWOWW put it.

I was confused by her accusations though, because Sam did in fact make the salad, and then set the table. I do not get how she did nothing, when clearly she played a part. Angelina on the other hand, well I didn't see her move, but she did go and do an alcohol run so that would explain her absence.

At dinner, tension is sky high as Sammi thinks she is proving some point by not eating any of JWOWW and Snookis food. She does however munch on her salad.

Fast forward to the gelato shop, where Sammi and Angelina are working together. They bond in a way, and Angelina decides to come clean with who wrote the letter.

We head back to the house where JWOWW is on the phone with her boyfriend and tells him about the night at the club, and how Pauly got so drunk. Angelina decides to walk back into the room to create some sort of odd gossip about JWOW talking crap about Pauly.

Vinny heard JWOW talking, but nothing bad was said, and no one was talking any crap about Pauly. He calls Angelina out and tells her she is starting rumors that are not true.

Vinny gets in the middle of the BS and tells JWOWW that Angelina is talking crap. The whole thing was just stupid, but JWOW comes out of the room all pissed off and confrontational.

Not much is said to Angelina about it, because the aggression instead is shifted at Sammi.

The two are yelling screaming, and JWOWW mentions that Sammi's boyfriend is shoving his .... into other girls, and the fight is on.

More screaming and in your face verbal junk is said, but I couldn't hear much of it because it seemed that everyone was talking at the same time. Snooki tries to break it up, but it does not matter, JWOWW does some sort of odd ear pull punch to Sammi's head, and Sammi goes to hit her back. Sammi falls, and JWOWW pushes her down again.

MTV left us with Sammi rising up to run at JWOWW and punching her weakly at her cheek, but just shy of a good full on facial crunch.

MTV then cuts it right there, leaving all the juicy steam for next weeks episode, which frankly just pissed me off. I do not like endings and would have liked if they would have just cut out a few stupid added parts and added this whole fight scene in one episode.

At any rate... till next week.

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