Friday, July 18, 2014

Jersey Shore, Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

Last week we watched the cat fight between Sam and JWOW emerge quickly out of nowhere in the living room. MTV left viewers hanging on by having us wait till this week to see who won the fight.

The After Show that took place last week however pointed more toward Sam winning the fight.
This week we picked right back up, and as much as Sam thinks she won that stupid fight, it looked like both of them got a few good upper deckers and smacks in, so I'm on the fence, and I'd call it a tie.

At any rate, Sam self proclaims she wins, and is gratified with how stupid and childish she looks. I was left wondering why this 'note' and 'who write the note' was sooo important. No matter who wrote it, or who hid it from Sam, the fact of the matter is, her so called boyfriend Ron is still creeping and cheating, so she just made herself look like a real big moron.

Later on after the fight, Mike and Pauly D talk about how dumb Sam looks after all is said and done. I never thought I would agree with whatever the Situation had to ever say, but this time I have to agree, Sam is one of the least liked cast members by viewers, and season 2 made her look like a complete and utter weak woman. Winner of the fight, or loser of the fight, she still comes out looking really, really dumb.

Anyhow, after the whole fight goes down, the finger pointing game goes on. Ronny accuses Vinny of starting it because he ran to JWOW to tell her that Angelina was talking crap about Pauly. Ronny's logic however is hogwash, and makes no sense. If Angelina and JWOW fought, than yeah, it would have been due to Vinny...but that was not the case, those 2 never fought.

The following morning Ronny, Sam and JWOW are scheduled to all work together in the gelato shop. JWOW calls in sick; or I should say, nail day. The fight caused her to break a few nails, so instead of going to work, she goes to get her nails fixed.

Later on that night, Vinny scores with a girl he claims to be the hottest girl he has seen since getting to Miami. Apparently she has no class, or self respect for herself, because the 2 end up 'smooching'. Snooki also gets lucky with some random guy, while JWOW sleeps in the bed right next to her. It was pretty disgusting, knowing there are really people out there, that foul and disgusting, but alas, Snooki is my favorite, so I just turn away from her nasty antics.

At any rate we get to see just how mentally disturbed Sam is when her, Vinny and JWOW are all scheduled to work together at the gelato shop. Sam sits in a chair picking at her dead ends and nails while she goes on and on about JWOW being a beast, or monster, or what have you. The best however was when she called JWOW a psycho. That was classic.

JWOW however, takes her with a grain of salt, and knows at the end of the day that Sam is the one who looks like an idiot.

Another interesting tid bit that occurred this episode was when Vinny and Angelina end up making out, and then perhaps having sex later on back at the house. This was unexpected seeing that Vinny claimed just a day or so earlier how fat and ugly she was.

Hmm. OK.

Anyhow, hooray hooray-Team JWOW!

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