Friday, July 18, 2014

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 15, Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of every cycle of America's Next Top Model, usually features a runway walk/show for the new contestants to attend. Cycle 15 is no different, and I like that they do it this way, because you get to take notes on how much the final contestants have improved for when they walk the final cat walk before one if dubbed America's Next Top Model.

In Cycle 15 though, I truly loved how the cat walk was designed this time. Instead of a regular old ground runway, the girls must strut their stuff on a clear platform raised up into the sky. The runway is covered in lights, and the girls are strapped up to safety harnesses, just in case one was to fall down.
I was surprised at how flimsy the runway seemed though, and it did shake a bit when they walked on it.
At any rate though, all of the contestants seemed to do marvelously, except for a few clunkers that looked like gangly ducks wearing heels.

After the runway, the girls return home where we watch them talk about weight. One particular contestant, Anamaria however may be a little too thin for modeling. It seems as if she has a complex about her weight, and mentions weighing around 135 pounds at one time. As if that was big or something!? At any rate, she says she weighs 110 pounds now, but looking at her later on in a photo shoot, you begin to wonder if she weighs even less, perhaps double digits.

During this conversation we skip on over to Kayla. She fills everyone in on her sexuality and lets them know she is a lesbian. Kayla is determined to be the first lesbian top model. I like her face, she is cute. I wouldn't mind her winning.

Anyhow, the photo shoot occurs next, and the theme is bullying in school. The girls are asked to write down one word that they were called in school when they were younger. The word that others used to bully them the most. The next word they are to choose, is the word that they feel they are now; their power word.

Kayla chooses Queer as her word, and we learn that this was what she was called after she came out about her sexuality in the 10th grade. Her power word was free.

Ann who is the tallest girl in the house was apparently called Giant. Her power word was Amazon, which is a more beautiful twist on her bully word.

The other girls all chose other words, but these 2 seemed to stick out the most.

During the photo shoot, some struggle, some cry, and others ace it like pros.

Later on we are taken to the judging room where Ann gets the top spot for her photo. No surprise here when Kayla is chosen as the runner up for best photo of the week.

Before that though, Tyra mentions to Anamaria that she is thin, very thin, and that a lot of top fashion experts feel that her body type would be giving off a bad image as far as health is concerned. Basically Tyra thinks this girl is too skinny, an unhealthy kind of skinny, and the fact that Anamaria finds her body appealing, worries Tyra.

At first I did not think there was anything wrong with her body, but Tyra mentioned that it was difficult finding a good photo of her that week, because she was so thin, and sickly looking. I looked at her more closely and realized that she did in fact look skeletal, even her face and eyes seemed very sunken in and starved.

I was pretty sure that she would be going home due to this, and low and behold, she was. She however is still happy with her body, and mentions that she will not change it unless other agencies tell her she cannot get jobs because of her body type.

Anyhow, that is a basic wrap of this weeks show. Till next time.

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