Friday, July 18, 2014

Jersey Shore, Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

So the Jersey Shore was on last night folks. Thank God for Tivo, otherwise I would have never caught the episode. This episode aired on a Sunday, which they were calling a special episode before the VMA's.

At any rate, I feel sorry for those of you whom missed it... uhm...wait... not really, this so called special Sunday episode was nothing to really go nuts over, in fact it was sort of boring.

I thought that MTV would focus their cameras more on the aftermath of the Snooki, JWOW and Sam fight, but really they didn't cover it at all. In fact no one even seems mad at one another, besides Mike and Angelina; more on that later.

Anyhow we start this episode off with Angelina expressing her somewhat remorse for sleeping with Vinny. An unlikely event, yet it happened; even though last week they hated on another.
Figure that out.

With this news though Mike is mad at Angelina for always preaching about hooking up when you are with someone else. So he tells her that he cannot wait to tell the guy she has been hanging out with what she did with Vinny. Jose' is way to hot for her anyway.  

Hey, Jose'...whats up?
Anyhow, with knowing this Angelina breaks off a date she has with Jose that night. She does not want him to find out, and has a feeling that if she goes out with him, Mike will blow up her spot.

She still goes out though, of course. Jose' nowhere to be found.

Moving on to Vinny and Pauly. The two score big time at the club that night, and both manage to find girls in which they feel are worth more than just a sleazy hook up. They want to take these girls out on dates, and Vinny swears he has found his future wife. Even Pauly impresses me with how gentlemanly like he can be when he truly likes someone. Personally I thought that girls nose was huge, but hey, that's just me. To each his own.

Anyhow, Pauly and Vinny set up this date night, and both girls are all into it. The guys go out for a new outfit, and they even get the girls flowers. How original.

Vinny sadly gets a phone call a few hours before the big date. The girl can't go, so he gets mad and hangs up on her. You cannot help but feel sorry for him because he actually tried, at the same time though, he is such a male whore that you don't feel too bad for him, not for long anyway.

The best is yet to come though. After he stews about it, he breaks the dating no-no number 1 rule. He calls her back, after hanging up on her, to apologize for hanging up, then proceeds to beg her to go on the date. He even throws in the low blow and mentions he got her flowers.

Wow, for a self proclaimed guido, he certainly knows nothing about the rituals of dating.

1. Never show aggression. CREEPY! Hanging up on a girl angrily, then calling her back later to apologize?! Haha! That's hilarious.

2. Don't beg for a date, that's pathetic man.

3. She is more than likely playing hard to get, and you failed. Or she's already taken. Failed again.
At any rate, after begging her to go through with the date, she says yes, but any girl watching could tell that this dummy was about to be stood up. Unfortunately he does not know that, and he dances and cheers about his date while everyone else looks on.

The result was Vinny being stood up, as predicted. He looks really sad about it. Creepy. What'd he think she was his soul mate? L.oh.L.

Anyhow, after laughing about Vinny, we move on to Mike creeping up on Jose' and Angelina while out in a club. He hints to Jose' that Angelina has something to tell him, and if she doesn't that he will. Jose' does not look mad, or even upset, you can sort of tell that this Latin hottie is all about his camera time, and sheesh, I am so OK with that. Give me a Jose' show MTV. That boy is fine!

Angelina tells him she hooked up with Vinny. They don't argue about it or anything, and we move on.
Sam and Ronni barely make an appearance in this episode. I think a few times we saw her in the background picking at split ends again, and Ronni tries to cheer Vinny up about his date ditching him. Other than that the 2 had uneventful scenes.

Snooki and JWOW also barely steal any airtime this episode, so it was no wonder it was so boring. Without those 2, there would be no show.
Till next time.

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