Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Americas Next Top Model, Tahlia is Eliminated from the Competition

Last night was a pretty sad night for me when I got around to watching Americas Next Top Model on Tivo last night.

I have had 3 personal favorites since the show began. My first favorite is the beautiful Allison who looks like a Jap Anime character brought to life, with large blue eyes, and a pouty little mouth.

Although my friends think she looks like a creature, I find her unique features to be simply stunning! I'm envious of those eyes!!!

My second favorite is Foe; this little beauty reminds me so much of an adult Punky Brewster that I find her smile to be simply adorable. Her freckles are also placed in the perfect places, and she's gorgeous!

My 3rd runner up goes to Tahlia, whom is a burn survivor. Her body is covered in burn scars due to an accident that happened when she was a baby. The girl though is beautiful, and she reminds me soooo much of Willamina from Ugly Betty! Classical, beautiful, and gorgeous flawless skin!

My least favorite goes to whats er name? Oh the old looking woman with the blond hair! Does anyone not think that Celia looks just like Corey Feldman's sister in The Goonies?!?!?!? Look here for a photo of Feldman's sister here. Now look at Celia.Yeah, it's my opinion that she's a missing Feldman sister. Haha!
Anyhow, last night the challenge was not an actual photo shoot. I tend to enjoy photo shoots more than I do the commercial acting challenges.

I imagined Celia would nail it, Tahlia would be bashful, and that boring broad Natalie would be sent home. Natalie however managed to grab the least favorite spot on my personal list. It used to be Celia due to her being a snitch, however when Natalie went on to call the other models 'Hicks' I was pretty disgusted, seeing that she is the one who always looks dirty, sort of like that kind of 'I don't wipe my butt properly' dirty. At any rate, with her snide comment, she is now my least favorite, and I hope she's sent home next week... (to remove that fat hairy mole!!!).
Anyway, the girls were split up into teams to each act in a commercial for some new CoverGirl foundation. As usual CoverGirl manages to name their products things that make people lisp. Lash Blast... I mean hell, say that 4 times fast!

At any rate, the foundation had a name lispy like that. Some of the girls I expected to nail it sucked, and ones who I thought would suck at the commercial shoot did alright.

The bottom two this week though were Allison, and Tahlia. Two of my top favorites. I was rooting for both of them, but mainly for Allison. I did not think Allison had a chance though because she is far too timid to continue to pass through to the next round.

Tahlia herself though is equally as shy, but her commercial looked like it came out a lot better than Allison's.

Tahlia however was sent packing, and my girl Allison managed to coast through the competition yet again!

I adored Tahlia, but I do agree with the judging, Tahlia was so beautiful, yet she held back so much. I think though with the amount of self promotion that she got just from the show, an agency will be quick to scoop her up! Fingers crossed!!!

We will have to wait to see whom gets sent packing next week!

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