Friday, July 25, 2014

Awesome Websites for Selena Gomez Fans Pink Fur Wallpaper? Tips Inside

If you don't know her, you will soon get to know her. Selena Gomez is the newest up and coming rising star of Wizards Of Waverly Place... the girl who is rising to rumored to be replacing the fame of Miley Cyrus! So if you know her, or want to get to know her, here are a few sweet sites for Selena Gomez merchandise! The first Gomez site I wanted to share is likely designed after the infamous YouTube battle between Gomez and Miley Cyrus. In all reality the fight started when Miley thought it would be fun to mock and make fun of Selena and her friend.

Well now you can purchase Tee's with Team Gomez written on them.

Click here to be taken to the site
Over at the next site I will be sharing you can find a bunch of really cool and trendy clothing items in which (Selena Gomez) Alex has worn in the hit Disney show.

Click here for clothing that Alex wears!
At this site that I am about to share, you cant necessarily buy anything, but you can have a little bit of fun dressing up a virtual Selena Gomez doll, with a bunch of neat clothing styles, and accessory's. Click here to dress your own Selena doll.

Of course though you cannot pass up the opportunity to add Selena Gomez to your friend list on Myspace! Click for a direct launch to her myspace page!

Speaking of Myspace... here is a site that offers a really neat Wizards Of Waverly Place layout! is another site to check out for neat Selena Gomez/Wizards Of Waverly Place merchandise. Here you will come across photos, posters, autographs, and more!

Although I have no idea which purity ring Selena Gomez wears, I was able to find a really neat site that sells purity rings like Selena's. Although it may be different, the promise is still the same, so long as you keep it! Take a look at some gorgeous purity rings here.
A lot of fans of the show remember one episode in particular where Alex (Selena Gomez) from Wizards Of Waverly Place, had her dad put up pink fur wallpaper.

Since the episode aired, everyone wants it!!!!!

Well for those dying to find this wallpaper... do realize that this wallpaper will likely be expensive, and you would need to have it custom made. In order to get the SAME look, all you need to do is go to Walmart, buy a bunch of the fabric, and staple gun it to your walls. You can also thumb tack it. The fur will hide the tacks/staples!

There are many neat sites and forums that you can join relating to Selena Gomez. A quick google search on her name will take you to a whole virtual world of everything and anything Selena!

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