Friday, July 25, 2014

RECAP: Wizards of Waverly Place: Season 1, Episode 16, Alex in the Middle

Wizards Of Waverly Place has managed to capture my heart with its comical, fun loving characters. It is a show that airs regularly on the Disney Channel, it features a family of 5. Mom, dad, and 3 sibling's.

The catch though is that they are no ordinary kids, they are all wizards. Alex is middle child, Max the youngest, and Justin the oldest son.

I have managed to follow nearly all of season 1 so far, my most recent watch though was Alex in the Middle (season 1, episode 16).

In this particular episode, the children's fun uncle comes for a visit. The children love being around him because he uses his magical powers freely, and carelessly, and he loves playing pranks.

Jerry (their father) is upset about his brothers visit because he distracts the children; especially Alex.
Alex decides that she wants to have her Uncle teach her magic instead of her father whom was once a wizard, but is no longer a wizard. In this episode you learn why he is no longer a wizard.

Hurt, Alex's father agrees to let his brother teach Alex magic instead of him. Quickly though Alex learns a lesson, because even though her uncle is fun, and uses he magic for harmless practical jokes, he does not know how to get them out of trouble when it comes.

Alex's father ends up having to rescues both her, and her uncle out of the mess they managed to create for themselves.

After seeing that her father knows more when it comes to magic, she decides that she would rather be taught by her father again, and not by her careless (yet fun loving) uncle.

My Opinion:
This particular episode, like all episodes I have seen so far was cute and fun right down to the very end. It is an episode that the whole family can enjoy, with a lesson to be learned at the end.

I compare, and will always compare this show to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, only with a more edgy modernized twist.

I highly, highly recommend this episode, and this series to entire families, old and young alike will find something about the show they will enjoy.

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