Monday, July 21, 2014

Best Hair Styles for Women with Thick Curly Hair

I naturally have wavy thick hair; not your ordinary thick either. As I have stated many times before, if I let my hair air dry on its own after taking a shower, I will seriously have a 2 foot wingspan on either side of my head. It's not only embarrassing, it feels ugly, and it looks ugly.

I have to style my hair everyday in order to make it presentable, and to make myself feel pretty. It's a unique hair type, but I am sure I am not alone.

As a teen I had a hard time figuring out how to wear my hair, so I would always just tie it back. Back in my teen days the flat iron was not even on the market yet, and I certainly didn't have hundreds of dollars to spend ion salon trips.

Those of you with thick hair, I highly, highly recommend a flat iron. I have found that Remington makes very nice ones, that really straighten hair, and do not cost as much as a high end brand like Chi.
For those of you though who are young, and without jobs, and without a straight iron, there are other solutions to styling your thick unruly hair.

The High Bun
Those of you with hair like me, know that you need much tougher and more durable hair bands in order to tie your hair back. Small thin bands will end up snapping or falling out of place due to the weight of your hair. You will first want to find a hair tie, or scrunchy that you know is capable of lifting your hair, and keeping it in place. I have found that velvet scrunchies stay put.

The scrunchies found at this website, are amongst the best ones to use for thick hair. I have used almost all of these, and will say yes, you can even use the beaded ones, they won't rip hair. Do make sure you remove them slowly though for extra caution.

You will want to use the velvet scrunchy to tie your hair up high at the back of your head, or at the top. Once you have your hair in place, you will now whirl the loose hair and wrap it around the hair tie. It should nearly conceal the whole tie.

Next take a decorative scrunchy (one of the beaded ones), and wrap it around the hair to hold it in place. You should only have to wrap it once, as it will be too small to wrap it twice.

The result is a nice pulled back bun, with a little decorate accents. You can even use rhinestone small clips to place into the bun for a nice girly look.

You will also want to use some hair spray to tame down any loose frizz.

One of the best styles for women with frizzy hair would be to straighten it. Although it will take some time, the results are flawless, and will make you feel gorgeous.

If you already have one, than likely you know how to use it. For everyone else that is new to straight irons, I want to recommend the Remington's Shine Therapy Conditioning Straightener. This unique iron has avocado oil infused into the plates, which will leave hair extra smooth. I own this one, and you can find my review here.
You will want to run the iron down all strands of your hair. It can take up to 45 minutes to an hour; even on short thick hair! However the plus side is that the time spent is worth the pin straight results.

Curl It!
One of the fastest and simplest styles someone with thick frizzy hair can do is curling it. The effort is beyond simple, and the results are gorgeous.

You have frizzy hair, and it is already wavy or curly, so working with what you already have is a breeze.

You will need to first shower, and towel dry your hair. When your hair is still damp, you then take some hair gel (L.A. Looks is the best one in my opinion). You will need to squeeze out a lot of this hair gel and apply it to knot free hair. After you have saturated your hair in the gel, flip so your hair hangs down towards the floor. Next all you do is scrunch the hair up to your scalp and let it fall down.

Continue scrunching and apply some non-aerosol hair spray. Now all you have to do is go about your day, and your hair will dry leaving behind a mass spiral off wild and cute curls.

Whats interesting about it, is that it will dry soft, and not hard like a rock! It's pretty, glamorous, and easy!

Frizzy hair may feel like a curse, but get is a lot easier getting full body styles than girls with thin straight hair.

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