Monday, July 21, 2014

Daisy of Love Recap: Goodbye ChiChi...Hello.. Old but New Guy.. Bringing Back Old Contestants!? Seriously!?

So tonight Daisy decided to send home one of the biggest butt kissers the show had to offer. He was a great butt kisser though, and his little chipmunk face was simply addicting.

Daisy however viewed him as more of a friend than a potential love interest. Ouch! I guess though she kept him through the show long enough to get her ego stroked every time she had a bad hair day...which er... seemed to occur everyday.

At any rate, before getting into the whole elimination ceremony, let us rewind back to the beginning.
The men all awake to discover that they will be taking separate dates with Daisy.

Flex and ChiChi go to some vacant sand pit, dirt alley, or valley, what have you. Their goal is to drive Daisy around in this dune buggy.

Flex impresses Daisy with his fast dare devil driving skills, and ChiChi takes things slow, and calmly. Daisy was disappointed with his lack of daredevil skills, and decided Flex impressed her the most.

Anyhow, after the two drive Daisy around, she then takes the wheel, and drives like a drunken retarded pirate. The end result was bimbette flipping the vehicle. Smooth move exlax. If I were Chichi I'd fake a back injury and sue the bitch. Heck I'd do the same thing if I were Flex too. I think by the time he gets out of that slum, he will have a few battle scars he may want to fix up with some cosmetic surgery.

The next date is once again in the mansion, and the two remaining guys are 12 Pack and Sinister.

Before hand however Sinister decides to move all of his gear out of his boy Chi Chi's room, which was a pathetic move if you ask me. It's bro's before cheap hoe's, but not in Sinister's case, he has convinced himself he loves this girl... or he's a semi convincing actor...either way it's lame.

Anyway, after their dinner Daisy once again decides to invite 12 Pack up to her room, leaving Sinister behind to look like a side kicked moron.

He once again has a piss fit about it.

Chi Chi learns the news and decides to camp outside of the bedroom till she comes out. He decides against it though and goes back to his room.

The next morning 12 Pack aka Dave, decides to share some details with the camera, and the way it seemed, he bagged the bush.

Anyway, let us fast forward to the bullcrap event that takes place. As we all sort of seen coming, that peewee Herman looking fellow comes back to see if he can get a second chance with Daisy. We saw this coming though, due to the obvious editing that went on throughout the show.

She gives him another chance, and he is added to the remaining contestants.

Chi Chi is sent packing leaving behind the old, but new guy, Sinister, 12 Pack, and Flex.

So we should have been down to 3 this week, but we are back up to 4. Sigh. Another episode longer than it needs to be....or maybe she will chuck out 2 next week, or they will expel themselves. Tee-hee!
At any rate, next weeks episode looks rather juicy, as some of the contestants exes will be making an appearance. It also appears that someone dated a throw away from first season of Paris Hilton is My New BFF! Good Lord! Me thinks she was Sinister's ex? But who knows?

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