Monday, July 21, 2014

Memorable Brunette Celebrities

Brunettes are the hardest celebrities to remember when it comes to their hair. Mostly we remember bold colors like red, or black. Lucille Ball, Peggy Bundy, Morticia Addams, etc.

But brunettes are beautiful, so I figured I would compile a list of some of the most memorable bombshell brunettes.

1. Angelina Jolie
This beauty has sported many different hair colors, from blond to black. However, nothing looks more natural and more stunning on her than when she has her hair a nice rich color of brown; as seen in this photo.
2. Jessica Alba
I don't think I have ever seen Jessica Alba with her hair color, any other color than brown. Although she has sported highlights every now and then, she primarily always has the same color of brown when it comes to her hair. This of course is for good reasons. View her photo.

3. Tyra Banks
Hello, this former super model is always wearing her hair a nice color of brown. Whether her hair is up, or down, short or long, it always looks stunning. Click to view Tyra.
4. Johnny Depp
Did you honestly think I was only going to list off women?! Johnny Depp has always had beautiful gorgeous locks, whether it be short or long, his wavy feathered brown hair had to make the list, without a doubt. Click to view.
5. Joey Lawrence
Although this teen heart throb is going bald, he will always be remembered for his brown curly hair. Click to view Joey Lawrence, before he shaved it all off.

6. Punky Brewster
Although her real name is Soleil, she will always be known as the lovable Punky Brewster. Not just for the quirky ahead of her time attitude, but also for those lush brown pigtails, with sunshine clips. Click to view.
7. Screech
Dustin Diamond had a full head of afro like curls in Saved By The Bell, and frankly when you have hair as wild as Screech, it's hard to not remember it. Click to view.
8. Audrina Patridge
This brunette is simply a stunner. Her lush one tone color is always shiny, full of body, and looks fantastic on her skin tone. Click to view this bombshell.

9. Katie Holmes
Katie has always primarily worn her hair in it's natural brunette state. This of course is for good reasons, as her hair cut, as well as color took the world by the reigns when she stepped out sporting the trendy bob look. Click to view.
10. Tom Cruise
This heart throb has always looked best brunette. Tom Cruise; although strange, deserves a slot in the top 10 most memorable brunettes. Check him out here.

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