Thursday, July 24, 2014

The New 90210

So last night I caught the season premier to CW11's new 90210 spin off. I was highly anticipating this series because I grew up having a crush on Dylan, Brandon, and David Silver. I adored Kelly, loved Brenda, Donna was sweet, and heck, even Andrea was cool.

When I learned early on that some of 90210's originals would be starring in the new series I was pretty excited.

So what did the season premier have in store for fans?

Well, we got to see Kelly again, and we even met up with Brenda. A few of the new main character's who are in the school are related to some of our originals. Kelly and David Silvers mom and pop got together in the original series and had a child. You get to meet her as one of the new main characters.

Kelly also has a 4 year old son, who may or may not belong to Brandon? The mystery is still yet to unfold on who the father of the 4 year old is.

Andrea Zuckerman's daughter is also conveniently the schools news spokesperson, and a stupid joke cracked by a teacher brought back a very old joke. Andrea was always considered the old lady in the original, and a teacher who saw Andreas daughter speaking on the schools television says 'What is she like 30?', as he clicks off the TV.

I must say though Aundrea's daughters character pretty much vanishes for the remainder of the premier, and the focus is on Annie and her adopted brother Dixon who recently move out to Beverly Hills to live with their grandmother.

Quickly Annie makes friends, or I should say frenemies with a few of the schools popular and not so popular crowd. Immediately she takes a liking to the schools 'mean girl' Naomi, who actually would of been a better if played as Andrea Zuckermans daughter, seeing how they style her with puffy poodle hair, and a way about her that reeks of older woman. Naomi does not resemble a high-schooler at all.

In fact Annie is the only one in the series so far who looks like shes 17. The rest of the cast all look much older than what they are portraying. This also plays true though to the original 90210 though.

Anyhow, Ethan who is an old time friend of Annie's is also dating Naomi. Ethan also has the reputation of being Mr. Popular, and is the schools hot guy. For me he has the bad boy Dylan vibe, but a sporto version. Not a bike rider bad version.

The clothing, and hair styles though are as equally tacky as they were back when the original 90210 began to air. You will be seeing Andrea Zuckerman's classic poodle hair, hair styles we seen in Pulp Fiction, and horrible one piece jumpsuits, feather earrings which tried hard to be in, yet never were, and necklaces that look like they came out of a 25 cent machine.

Channel is a name brand that you will see popping up in every other scene, with either a bag, or a pair of earrings. Sidekick also must of paid a lot to be shown in quite a few scenes.

Anyhow, the spin-off of 90210 started off a little strange, with music that did not fit what was going on in the scene, and a complete and utter rush into drama and action that threw me off.

Immediately the two newbies Annie and Dixon are thrown into drama, and every 5 minutes something unbelievable happens that makes you scratch your head.

On Annie's second or 3rd day of school and she is jet setting to San Fransisco with a guy she just met, to have dinner. Dixon is playing pranks on a rival school with his lacrosse team. Naomi is cheated on. Annie becomes the laughing stock of Silvers blog. Annie and Dixon's father discovers he has an adopted son with another woman just a few days after moving back into Beverly Hills. Annie and Dixon's Grandmother gets into an accident. Dixon is roughed up by another lacrosse player on purpose.

Annie and Naomi get caught cheating on some written exam...

I mean I liked the premier, don't get me wrong, but the action and drama were just too much making the whole thing far to hard to swallow, especially seeing how they just freakin moved there.

For me the new 90210 has way too much of an OC and Gossip Girl vibe to it. I like the series so far enough though that I do hope it is able to stick around for a few seasons.

Kelly and Brenda also have a few roles in the premier, with Brenda having a less of a role than Kelly, still though, it was nice seeing the two back in the show. Nat is also still in charge at the Peach Pit, which was also very nice to see.

I personally like how the new cast has been knitted in with the original cast of 90210 as well. I do hope though that by weaving originals in with new main characters the show is able to hold the stitches together and succeed. It would be a shame to see the show flop, ruining the excellent reputation of the original 90210.

So far I'm on the fence with this one. We shall see what twists and turns next weeks show takes us on. By show two or three, you would pretty much be able to determine if the show will continue or fade out after just one or two seasons.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed though, I imagine over time more and more of the originals will make special guest appearances, and stuff like that could really pull a show along, allowing it to hopefully succeed and become one of those phenomenal shows people just cannot get enough of, just like the original was.

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