Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio Jamaica: is it Worth Traveling To?

Immediately when booking our vacation to Jamaica, we knew that the Blue Lagoon was an absolute must. Not just for the fame of the area due to the classic movie Blue Lagoon, but for the pristine beauty she displays all on her own. Pictures can say a thousand words, but nothing comes close to the feeling you get when you actually see it with your very own eyes.

Now a lot of folks who travel to Jamaica stay mostly in Montego Bay or Negril, and you are probably wondering if the trek all the way out to the Blue Lagoon is worth it.

I will say yes, but do note that travel time by car will be very long, close to 3 hours, or more depending on the time of year you travel (high tourist times). We stood in Runaway Bay and the travel time was far less, but due to the numerous stops we had, it consumed our entire day. If you plan on traveling to the Blue Lagoon, note that it is an entire day trip, but so worth it.

Out of every sight we saw, Blue Lagoon by far took our breath away unlike any other place in Jamaica, and believe me Jamaica is beautiful just about everywhere you look.

Once you arrive, you will probably feel a bit intimidated by the local vendors who set up just at the shoreline of the lagoon. Keep in mind, there is no accessible beach here, none we could get to anyway, as the entire place is private, and if you do not go on a tour, you may not find access, or you will be too intimidated to venture alone.

We booked with Reggae Tours, and I couldn't recommend them enough.

At any rate, once there, you can chose to buy or not to buy vendor goods. However, do look, because there is one Jamaican located there with the most beautiful bamboo shoot carvings. He turns them into large cups or vases, and will carve your name into the shoots, while you swim or boat out into the lagoon.

The lagoon itself is simply stunning, it features the deepest most beautiful denim blues, greens, and emeralds, some parts seem like they are a deep gorgeous color of purple depending on where the sun shines. Combine this beautiful lagoon, with breathtaking jungle surroundings, and it feels like pure bliss, and looks even better.

Our package included a boat ride, where we went around the lagoon looking at the villas, and the beautiful little island called Monkey Island, which technically you could swim to from the lagoon, but we were driven by boat to the island.

At times there will also be locals offering raft rides around the lagoon, that is your option to take this ride or not.

Monkey Island is a small island with a small shoreline. The island is mostly risen, and unless you are a good climber, and can get through overgrowth, I would not suggest trying to climb up it. Stay at the shoreline, and do a little snorkeling, its beautiful. There are some small coral formations to the left of the island, in the channels, and a ton of starfish and live sand dollars, and of course a graveyard of sand dollar seashells.

Once you leave Monkey Island, it is back to the lagoon where the locals will show you a secret passageway into their famed fountain of youth. The small pool is all fresh water, which mixes into the lagoon. There is a tire swing tied up in the center of this fountain of youth, which you can swing on, or just sit on and take in the glory of the lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is worth taking your time to get to, and it is worth taking your time to take it all in.
The water is deep here, and you will not be able to see the bottom with a mask. So if you are looking to snorkel, snorkel outside of the lagoon to the left, just follow the slow moving channel, it is beautiful, and you will absolutely love it here.

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