Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ding Dong the Witch is Gone! Alexandria Finally Booted Off of Americas Next Top Model- Cycle 16

We are up to our final 4 contestant in Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 16. I, like numerous others felt that Alexandria should have probably been sent home a few weeks ago, as nothing, and I mean nothing sticks out as model worthy to me when it comes to her. I mean hello, if you look back at her portfolio, you will see she falls back on a lot of Facebook photo no-no's...can you say 'duck face'?
Her duck face really was shining on this particular episode though, but before getting into this, let us rewind back to the beginning of the episode.

We start off the episode with our final 4 just chilling in their breezy ultra sweet abode in Morocco. Hannah is placing profiles on the other girls, Alexandria clearly takes offense (as usual), when she calls her the California surfer girl. Alex puts in her 2 cents by saying she is so much more than that. OK whatever, Hannah was being nice in my opinion, I would have just called her the lady that looks to old to be on the show, the wash out, the bad perm, or fading paint.

At any rate, Hannah once again tries to display personality in the one on one box room where the girls blab out confessions. I like her, but I do not love her.

Shortly afterward, the girls are swiped away to meet a tray dancer. Basically in Morocco dancing with a tray of tea on your head is an actual occupation for some. The art looks really neat though, and I could totally see why someone would pursue it. At any rate, the girls are in for quite a challenge, and this season in ANTM we notice that fire has been a favorite of the judges.

The girls challenge this week is to balance a large tray on their heads, with candles burning on top of the trays. Their job is to balance it on their dome pieces, walk down a set of stairs without dropping it, and making their way around a room of people, all while dancing, balancing, and making their way back up the stairs.

During the practice run, Hannah and Brittni seem to have the most difficulty, and ended up dropping the tray the most.

In the actual live audience display though, Brittni nails it, and Hannah also manages to not drop the tray. Alexandria was doing perfectly, till as always, she got too cocky, and ends up dropping the tray of fire. Molly tripped over her dress, which caused her tray to fall immediately while coming down the stairs. Instead of being graceful about it, she has a mad angry face painted on the entire time. The judges said she did, but I didn't see it. She looked normal to me.

Brittni ends up winning the challenge, with Alexandra being the runner up. As a challenge win, they get the lamest, but possibly the most important prize. They get a one on one course with Mrs. Jay on how to perfect their catwalk. Brittni chooses Hannah as her partner to tag along. She could have gone solo, but she is humble, and chose Hannah, because she knew Hannah needed it the most.

The course for the girls goes well, but Hannah clearly is having issues taking notes during the training session with Mrs. Jay. Brittni seems to have it down, and I feel she could take the win above and beyond the rest of the girls.
The Shoot
Next comes the photo shoot, and with any shoot, we usually learn that the girls must incorporate what they learned in the week challenge into the photo shoot. This is what Hannah tries to do, and she seemed to start of well, but when she walks out from behind a door, slowly shaking hr hips and trying to re-create the hip dance she learned during the tea tray dance, Mr. Jay throws off her game, and asks her why she is moving like that, and to basically stop. From there it was all downhill. I thought she started fine though, and was incorporating what she learned perfectly...only to be halted? OK. Whatev.
Molly impresses the photographer and Mr. Jay with her shoot, although her face never seemed to change in my opinion, no one else seemed to notice.

Alexandria comes out looking like an El Matador, and sort of moves around like one. However while moving around and doing her bull dance, whatever she was doing, I couldn't look away, because her facial expression was killing me. Alexandria couldn't stop making a duck face. As if she just ate something sour. I see enough idiotic looking duck face photos on Facebook, and seeing this supposed 'model wannabe' making this stupid duck lip face was actually annoying and painful to watch. Molly of course notices her duck face immediately as well, and quickly the photographer asks her to stop. Alexandria however cannot stop making weird expressions even after being directed not to.

I was pretty sure that either she, or Hannah would be going home this week. Hannah's shoot though seemed to be worse, and I figured it would be her going home.

Brittni comes out while it is raining, and manages to nail her shoot as well. The best feedback from the photographer was given to her, in comparison to the other girls. At that point, I was pretty convinced she would be getting best photo this week.

Judging Room

Brittni's photo was just OK for me. I didn't like that Tyra chose the photo where half her face was hidden behind her veil. Brittni took numerous beautiful photos, and got some of the best feedback. However, the photo did not wow me.

Molly wows the judges with her photo, but to be honest it bored me to death. The judges however thought it was all perfect and Vogue, and all that good stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love Molly, but the photo was bland compared to others she has taken.

All of the photos this week for me though were bland and lacked that WOW factor, even though the judges thought Molly's photo was the WOW of the week? Eh. OK.

Anyhow, Hannah's photo was probably the worst for me. She looked lost, stiff, and just expressionless in her photograph. I figured she would be going home.

Alexandria's photo is also pretty blah, but for me, it was not as half as horrid as Hannah's.

Who Stays, and Who Goes?

Molly manages to grab the first slot, and her photo is the photo of the week. The runner up is of course, Brittni. Our final 2, are Alexandria and Hannah.

Oddly enough, I thought Alexandria deserved to stay this time, as much as I cannot stand her personality, her photo to me was clearly better looking than Hannah's train wreck.
However the judges keep Hannah, and Alexandria is sent packing. I didn't get why they came to the decision they did, but whatever, they sent the diva home finally.

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