Thursday, July 24, 2014

Craigslist: Missed Connections- Simplified Stalking?

I have been viewing Craigslist Missed Connections section for around a year now. At first the missed connections I came across were just another way for me to pass the time. Some wrote love letters to missed loved ones from their past, others wrote broke up letters, and some were just looking to make contact with a girl or guy they went to school with.

Everything all seemed innocent and harmless up until the day I saw my friends name who I went to school posted on the forum. Supposedly someone was desperately looking for!

I was interested. I emailed the person and asked them why they were looking for her, and why they lost contact. Well supposedly they went to college together and hooked up a few times. When she went back home, he lost contact with her.

Oddly though, he knew what town she was from, something she either did or did not disclose with him. The thing that weirded me out was, if he hooked up with her, and knew what town she was from, why would she never have left him with her phone number? Something seemed fishy, so I never bothered making contact with this person again. Nor was I about to give any details on her whereabouts without a better answer. I figured if she wanted him to contact her she would of left him with a number, or an address, seeing how she still lives in the same house she has since she was a kid.

I however could be dead wrong...but I tend to work off of intuition.

Besides this first hand encounter with how Missed Connections simplifies stalking would be another incident about my friend who works in a grocery store. I am browsing though Missed Connections again, and low and behold I see one of her co-workers names being called on. Oh this should be interesting!

This one was looking for: Julia the sexy cashier at X (name withheld) grocery store, who packed my bags this Saturday. I winked at you, you looked away. I think you are so hot, please if you see this, or if someone knows her, please email me. I'd like to get in touch with her.
Okay pal... obviously when you winked, and she looked away, it was her kindly rejecting you. Now you are looking to get in touch with her after being rejected? What gives? If you need to see her so badly, go back to the flipping store,where security can take care of you.

Craigslist Missed Connections, has for me, always been an interesting part of the Craigslist site, a place where people either genuinely are looking for a long lost loved one... or for people who are looking to further stalk the girl/guy they saw at a red light at such and such intersection. It truly can get downright bizarre at times. If not scary.

I check Missed Connections almost daily now, if not to entertain myself with the downright strange call outs, but to see who may be stalking me, or one of my close friends.

All in all, I will say that Missed Connections can get pretty weird at times, and some of the things you may come across may freak you out, but entertaining it is. You just never know; that guy at the traffic light next to you... he may oddly enough be looking to have relations with you. Or the girl you bumped into at 711... she may want to hook up.
Or you may even discover something you would never expect. An ex boyfriend from high school looking for you, or a neighbor who is confessing his love for another neighbor. It is one section on the site not to miss. Missing loved ones, andStalkers included!

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