Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wizards of Waverly Place, Wizard School Part 1 & 2

Wizards Of Waverly place recently aired a 2 part mini movie called Wizard School, which can also be purchased on DVD. Instead of breaking this set up into 2 different reviews, I figured I may as well combine them both, seeing how that was how they are intended to be viewed, one right after the other.

Wizard School is actually labeled as season 1, episode 13, and 14.

In Wizard School, Alex is told she has to clean her room up. When she feels that the mess is too big of a time killer, she decides to use magic to get the room to clean itself. Like in nearly every episode of Wizards Of Waverly Place, Alex's magic always seems to backfire, and in this episode there is no exception. She manages to blank out the entire house.

Her parents are furious with her and decide to send her away to Wizard Summer School with her older brother Justin (who actually wants to go).
Meanwhile back at home Theresa tests Jerry and her youngest son Max to camp outside on the terrace for the night. To prove that they are manly men they accept the challenge. Not everything goes accordingly though.

Back at Wizard School, Alex thinks that being the master clown and funny girl she was back at home in normal school will make her instantly popular, however her peers find her senseless jokes, and pranks to be lame, and they all actually take on a liking to Justin. The tables have finally turned on Alex. Alex who was popular in the mortal world, is now the biggest loser in Wizard School!

Justin becomes the principals star pupil, as he is being choose to compete in some odd ping pong ball type game tournament.

Alex however learns that Evilini (the Principal figure) is planning to drain the powers of the Wizard who wins this tournament. She tries to warn her brother not to play in the tournament, and tells him of Evilini's master plan to drain him of his powers to use them as her own. He however believes that Alex is jealous, and just wants to stir up trouble because he is popular and she is not. With a little convincing and proof, Alex is able to convince him of Evilini's plan.

Justin simply thinks that by not competing in the tournament, he couldn't possibly win, and Evilini couldn't take his powers. Evilini though puts a spell on him that will not allow him to quit the tournament!

Without ruining the ending, I will say that even though Wizard School was a fun interesting 1 hour special it is not my all time favorite story in the series. It had a Harry Potter vibe to it from the get go, from the stupid round glasses, to the golden balls in the tournaments, and the robes. It was a Harry Potter wanna be funny episode that didn't feel original. The Harry Potter copy cat episodes just failed to win me over.

I'd rate Wizard School Pt 1 & 2, 7 stars out of 10.

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