Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Creative Easter Hair Styles

I'm a creative person, and I have always thought 'outside of the box' when it comes to many things.
I am always especially creative, and pay extra special attention to dressing not only myself up for the holidays, but also my hair!

During Christmas party's I tie my hair up in an elegant bun, and add battery operated mini lights to my bun. Yes I light up, and my creativity goes unnoticed by none. Besides just that though, I also embellish my hair in craft holly berry beads for that extra unique holiday pizazz, by simply sticking them into the bun.

Seeing that Easter is right around the corner, I figured I may as well share my one of a kind, unique crafty creations with those of you who lack that 'extra' weird cell.

When I think of Easter, I think of coloring eggs, plastic candy filled eggs, pastel colors, gorgeously weaved baskets, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and green plastic basket grass for easter baskets.

Why not add some of those festive objects to your locks? Be creative...get down with your inner child!
You can create really outrageous looks for your hair using those cheap plastic eggs. Although some of you may find this a bit tacky, those of us with an artsy crafty flair will appreciate it.

Get a plastic egg, any color you prefer will do. The small sized ones are sold now all throughout superstores. You are going to want to get the small ones, because the larges ones will not work as well.

You simply cut a small hole through each of the eggs and wind them together. 5 or 6 of them should be enough.

Once you have a strand of eggs, you simply tie your hair up in a bun, and wrap the egg line around the bun for a festive creative Easter look. You tuck the ends into the hair tie you used to tie up your bun. It's a festive way to add some Easter to your hairs style. Haha! Teens especially will enjoy it.

If you want to add some really crazed bling, stuff a little bit of the green basket grass into the bun. You will get tons of compliments, and a lot of gawkers staring. Haha! Whatever though, holidays are meant to be fun!

Another interesting Easter style would be to use a Conair Pro Color Accents to roll on highlighted colorful strands of hair. The color is wash out, so you don't have to worry about!

If these looks are a little to extreme for your taste...or age, then consider a french braid done completely around your entire head. This is an elegant way to show up to church on Easter Sunday, and it even gives off a nice illusional basket type weave, which is rather interesting. Click for an example.

French braids in particular always make for an elegant hairstyle, and can be used for literately any holiday. Easter in particular though seeing that it resembles a basket weave in a way.

Other way to add an Easter look to your locks would be to simply add thin ribbon to loose hair strands, or interweave pastel colored ribbon into a few small braids, or 2 large braids. The ribbon adds holiday pastel color, without going overboard.

Honestly though, if you just think about things outside of the normal hairstyle box, you can create all sorts of creative looks just in time for Easter.

Holiday decorations are just not for lawns and windows anymore!!!

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