Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is ABC'S The Secret Life of the American Teenager Glamorizing Teen Pregnancy?

I began watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager when the very first episode aired on ABC. I did not like the show at first seeing that in nearly every sentence the word 'sex' was being spoken. The over used phrase got old, got boring, and frankly was overkilled. 
I figured with a show with dialogue as lame as this, people would not bother to tune in after the first or second episode.

I though continued to tune in though because as lame as all the sex references were, I wanted to see what happened with Amy's baby.

Week after week; besides the non-stop references to sex, I noticed something that sort of sickened me. I noticed that the show, in a way, was glamorizing teen pregnancy.

Now, I know that teen pregnancy happens, I don't live in a goddamn closet, but the fact of the matter is, The Secret Life may be glamorizing teen pregnancy and making it seem like it is okay, and that everything is going to be peaches and cream if you were to get pregnant as a teenager.

Granted I do not think teen pregnancy is disgusting, or anything to be ashamed of, but glamorizing teen pregnancy and making it seem like it's some glorious event is just ridiculous, and far from what the truth really is.

In the Secret Life of the America Teenager, they have already glamorized Amy's teen pregnancy by having marching bands play their instruments when she returns to school after finding out she's pregnant. It also most recently showed the entire school showing up at Amy's door offering her help for when the baby is born.

Not only that Ben wants to marry her, and help her take care of the baby (Ben is a young teen boy who is not even the father of the baby -yet he is looking to marry this pregnant teen mom, and help her raise the baby)!

In a fuzzy world filled with pink clouds and rainbows, perhaps these events would actually occur. In the real world though, such events are very unlikely to go down.

The worst fact though came from Tyra Banks on her season premier of Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 12, when Tyra Banks filled us in on how many girls actually WANT to get pregnant, as if it is a trend or fad.

Is The Secret Life glamorizing teen pregnancy in the eyes of teen girls?
I can't say yes, nor could I say no. The show however does suggest more than once, that teen pregnancy is not such a big deal; that becoming a teen mom is okay, and that raising a baby will be easy seeing that 'everyone' will help you.

This is far, far from the truth.

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