Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sharon Osbourne Could Use Some Charm School Sharon Osbourne Attacks Megan Hauserman on Reunion Show

Alright everyone, I know there are puh-lenty of folks out there who cannot stand the existence of Megan Hauserman. I however am one of the few who actually fell in love with this girl as I watched her storm through reality show after reality show.

Megan Hauserman has been on Beauty and the Geek, Rock of Love, I Love Money, and Rock of Love Charm School.

The most recent activity on Megan Hauserman's plate though is her upcoming new reality show spin-off called Trophy Wife.

However fans got to see Megan one last time before her new show begins. We all got to witness her on the Rock of Love Charm School Reunion Show.

Now although I did not get to see this reunion show, I noticed quite a lot of buzz circulating through the world wide web about what went down on that show, and I was actually pretty damn appalled at what Sharon Osbourne did to her on national television.

It was humiliating, rude, uncalled for, and seriously I think Sharon is a huge hypocrite, and could use some Charm School herself.

For those of you who don't know what Charm School is, I'll try to explain it as best I can.

Charm School is a reality show that has been airing on VH1.

It basically is a compilation of the most wild, out of control girls from past reality shows, and the show tries to get the girls to calm down, act appropriate, and yadda yadda. The winner gets money, and the whole show just seems like it is nothing more than a bunch of reality stars trying to butt kiss to the shows judge in order to win the money.

The most recent was Rock of Love Charm School. This show included a bunch of girls who were present in Rock of Love reality shows. Megan Hauserman was one of the contestants.

Although Megan Hauserman didn't win the money, she of course was part of the Reunion Show.

On the reunion show Megan Hauserman was her usual catty self, but when Megan is catty she always does it with a straight face, and never really sounds all too intimidating. Just catty; nothing more.

At any rate I cannot blame Megan Hauserman for saying wicked things about Sharon's husband Ozzy, because after all Sharon did provoke Megan's attitude by saying that Megan Hauserman should never procreate!

Not for nothing, Sharon Osbourne has no right to tell anyone they should or should not have children. In fact, it is the most awful thing I think anyone could ever say to a woman. Nobody has the right to say who can, and who cannot have children, and quite frankly I was pretty damn appalled by her snark cheap shot of a comment.

If I were in Megan Hauserman's shoes I would have fired back as well. Without question I would have fired back, and naturally Megan Hauserman did fire back.

After Megan Hauserman takes her turn with the insults, Sharon Osbourne proceeds to get yup from her chair where she acts like she is about to get a drink from some glass sitting on a nearby table.

Instead of acting mature, and realizing that she herself sparked the fire, she instead acts like an unruly out of control teenager by pouring the drink all over Megan!

No one saw it coming, and she did it so quickly, and in such a cheap shot manner that it was just lame.
Rumor has it that Sharon Osbourne also attacked Megan and ripped out her hair, scratched her, and pulled out pieces of her weave.

Um... I guess VH1 hired the wrong judge this round. How can you have an out of control person teaching young girls to behave, when she cannot behave herself.

VH1, do I smell a spin-off?

I'd call it Sharon Osbourne, Welcome To Charm School!

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