Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Paranormal State: Possession: Return of Six, Episode Recap

Last night I got the opportunity to catch an episode of one of my favorite ghost hunting clans, Paranormal State. Although I think Ghost Adventures is by far the best ghost hunting film crew out there, I still enjoy Paranormal State because they incorporate the use of psychic Chip Coffey, whom I am fond of.

In this episode the team is called to a home in Kentucky who claim that they are being haunted by a demon. The demon is said to have spoken to the female head of the household Debbie, to her sister Donna, and had been spotted several times. The demon though has the body of a man, but the head of a ram/goat.

It freaked me out pretty badly, because her encounter with the demon seemed pretty real, at least the way she told it.

Next though Ryan and the crew learn that Debbi's sister Donna told her sister Debbie that the demon had come to her, and spoke to her. That it told her it was going to help her. A week or so later, Donna waded out into the Mississippi river and committed suicide.

It all sounded like a damn creepy story, and frankly I didn't think that Ryan or the crew would be able to rid the home of something that wicked!

Chip is called in, and immediately picks up the presence of this demon. He however never called it a demon, at least not at first. Ryan sort of gives it away, and then for some odd reason asks Chip if this demon followed him and the crew, or if the demon was there to begin with.

Chip tells him the demon had been there, and that it came from the water. (Mississippi river)
Alas though, a few moments later Chip ties in the I Am Six episode, with this demonic case.

The means to getting the demons name though was pretty ridiculous looking. They taped ping pong balls over Chip's eyes, threw on some weird red light bulbs, and supposedly by closing off all mental stimulation's Chip would be able to better read the demon....or err...something like that?
Pretty quickly into this odd little ping pong ball thing, Chip begins screaming, 'Six, six, six... I am Six!'
It kind of confused the hell out of me, especially after the phone call Ryan gets after working on this case.

Remember the family (how convenient) from the I Am Six episode? Yeah, they end up calling as Ryan is working on the new case. I had a weird feeling that this was totally edited into the plot of this episode, and that it did not at all happen this way. I mean hell, what are the odds?

At any rate, I followed the story to see how it would unfold.

Ryan packs up his team to head back to the home in Illinois where Lara lives. If you remember correctly, Lara is the one who was possessed by this demon who kept referring to itself as Six.

Fear not though folks, Ryan had a cussing priest cleanse the home for Debbie and her family in Kentucky before bouncing on her.

They get to the home where Lara's parents describe that the demon is back, and attacking Lara worse than it ever had before. It pulls her hair, chokes her, and when I got a glimpse of what she looked like, the girl seriously looked like she was anemic, pale, sick.

She says to Ryan that she is in so much pain. Which is weird, because that was exactly what Donna (Debbie's sister) said before she commit suicide.

Chip tells Ryan it is the same demon, and that it is likely using the same river to bounce from one place to another. The Mississippi river is dubbed the home of some demonic force!

Anyhow, while they are in the home a stupid little event unfold where Ryan says he wants to use the shakti helmet, which is basically a device that straps on to his head, which will send magnetic transmissions which will in turn amps up your perception to paranormal activity. Or something odd like that.

One of the crew members who works with Ryan hesitates and claims he does not want Ryan using it, as if it is some sort of huge big deal. They exchange this lame little tiff back and forth, and act like using this helmet is dangerous, yadda, yadda, badda, boo! It was really lame, and seemed so scripted.

In the end Ryan ends up putting the shakti helmet on, having ping pong balls taped to his eyes, and having the red bulbs turned on in his face. Sort of like the same thing Chip did in the other house back in Kentucky.

Ryan immediately begins to pick up on something in the room. He sees shadows, he thinks someone has entered the room. Then quickly it leaves the room! Ryan seems to know that whatever entered the room is now headed for Lara!

He sure is smart, because sure enough the thing is attacking Lara on the bed.

The whole thing just seemed so damn bizarre, and so finely scripted to give viewers the eebie jeebies. Unfortunately it was probably the only episode I wasn't buying into.

Shortly afterward they do an exorcism, and the conclusion from Ryan is that Lara does not want help, or something ridiculous along that line. He calls it the perfect possession, and reaches out to his viewers by asking us to pray for Lara and her family.

My thoughts on the entire episode was that -heck yes, it was a very good story, but as far as believing it, I am having a difficult time. Now I do 100% believe in ghosts, demons, and all of that, but this episode just seemed so fake.

I'm hoping it's not another one of those episodes that will get a movie made out of it. Like A Haunting in Connecticut!

With Lorraine Warren in the mix, it's really anyone's guess.

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