Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easiest Solution to Getting Snow and Ice Off of Your Windshield

Every winter whenever it snows thousands of people all across the globe are plagued with similar annoyances. Besides terrible road conditions and freezing cold weather, we all face the same issue and one of those main issues deals with our car windshield.

Yes, I am talking about frozen ice and snow on our windshields!
This year alone I have seen plenty of stupid people driving around with just a small portion of their windshields clear. That's not only a hazard to others, but a hazard to themselves due to the huge loss of view.

Aside from that, I don't know how many winter days I've spent sitting in my car in the morning, waiting for it to heat up, in order to melt some of the ice and snow off of the windshield. With my cars engine revving, and my heat blasted I battle the ice cold weather with my trusty ice scrapper.

Depending on how cold it is, or how much snow is on the windshield, I can be there for quite some time. All the while freezing my keester off.

This year though I decided to use some wit. I knew that a snow storm was coming in overnight, and I wanted to snow/ice proof my windshield before the big blow swept through.

I decides to use an old sheet. I then went outside, and placed the sheet over my cars windshield. I figured in the morning when everyone else was outside scrapping ice and snow off of their cars, I would just pull the sheet off of my car and along with it would come the snow and ice accumulation.
The following morning I woke up to a huge snow drift on my car, but I was able to find the sheet to pull it off of my windshield. It had worked better than I thought it would; though some light ice did manage to cause the sheet to stick to the windshield in some areas. It was really nothing though, and with a little muscle power and a big tug, my windshield was free of all ice, and snow.

So if you know that a snow storm is on the way, do yourself a favor and save yourself a lot of time on your morning commute by just flopping a sheet over your windshield and pulling it off the next day. You'll be thankful you did, and you won't have to sit outside freezing while scrapping the windshield off.

Tip- Whatever you do, try and get the sheet off the very next day, otherwise the snow will compact/melt making it more difficult to rip the sheet off.

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