Sunday, July 20, 2014

Frank the Entertainer, a Basement Affair, Season Premiere Recap

So last night VH1 finally answered my call to a show I have been wanting for quite some time now. Ages ago I wrote an article begging VH1 to give fans Frank the Entertainer his own reality show.
I didn't really care what kind of show it was, a love show, or a just 'follow Frank around' show. I did however want the show to take place in his parents home, in his basement. Low and behold, such a show now exists. Woo-Hoo!!!

The show is a love game show, like I Love New York, Flavor of Love, Etc...

The season premiere aired last night, and the catch was quite interesting and fun. Instead of giving Frank a big ol' mansion. His 15 ladies are all crammed into his parents house. No large lavish pool, or grand entry, or lovely sprawling couches, nothing more than a simple home.

The fun catch though is that Franks mom and dad will be home during the entire show. Things should definitely be interesting and chaotic.

The 15 women are all introduced to Frank, and one by one the family gets to know each of the women. While some impress Momma Entertainer, others disgust her. In the very first episode you watch as she bumps heads with one of Franks potential lovers.

No connections are really made during the very first hour long episode. Basically all of the women meet him, meet his parents, and they each take a family portrait photo with Frank and his family. The idea is to see who fits best with him and his family in the photo. Whomever wins the entire show will have the family photo added to the family album.

A cute idea, but odd nonetheless.

On the first night, Frank sends home 2 women, one who was just really weird, and likely only on the show for publicity, and another who was a little mousy, but cute. Sadly Frank sent her home, and she was likely the realest chick on the show.

Overall nothing really enticing or steamy occurred on the first airing, however the shows season highlights at the end of the first running displayed a much steamier, raunchier, and wicked side to both the contestants, and his mom! Haha.

It should be a good folks, so be sure to tune in to VH1 every week for new episodes.

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