Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fiber Optic Extensions: A Hot Winter/Holiday Hair Fashion Trend

Everyone, and I mean everyone wants to be the life of the holiday party. Women and young women alike seek out the best dress, the best accessories, in hopes of stealing the spotlight. We all want to be the Cinderella of the holiday party, all eyes on us... envy me, worship me, love me...hate me because I am, after all, fabulous.
The holiday party happens every year. Whether it be a family event, or a large ball like event for your company. Some of us love it, and others dread the event. Why?

First, we have to look for a perfect evening dress...and secondly, we have to figure out what the hell we're going to do with that messy mop on top we call 'our hair'.

Today I was lucky enough to become informed of the hottest fashion trend for hair. Extensions. We've always known they were hot, we've always wanted extensions...but we can't freaking afford extensions.

These extensions though are not for your everyday bland and boring person, the fashion trend I'm about to talk about are for those who seek new, unique, and bold styles. We think outside the box, we want to stick out from the norm...while giving off the whole 'I'm fabulous, you're not vibe'.
The first fashion trend I learned about when it came to holiday styles was of course Swarovski Crystal Strands...

Yeah they seemed cool, yeah they sounded I went online seeking out a salon. I of course wanted to have a slew of crystal strands swaying with the natural flow of my hair.

My research took me to tons of online salons promising the same thing. Gorgeous threads of shiny sparkly hair with crystals in it.

But then my research took me a land of hair extensions that only the most extreme fashionistas would find (yeah I wasted a good 2 hours before I found this trendy ass hair extension).

Paint The Picture First:
You know those gorgeous fake holiday plants, Santa sculptures, or snowmen you see in local specialty shops...those gorgeous ones that take a few steps away from the normal traditional holiday lights by adding strands of fibre optics?

Oh you so know where I am going with this now right?
Now imagine this...

Your hair lined with strands of fiber optics. Hello! Jackpot! How frigging unique and sexy are you going to look at that holiday party with a few strands of fibre optics glowing through your locks?! All eyes on you baby!
It's called a Fibre Optic Hair Accessories... or plainly put... hair extensions.

They are not available everywhere, and as a matter of fact I was only able to find one online shop/salon selling the extensions.

By clicking here, you can purchase a 15 inch cascade cut or a 12 inch cascade cut. Colors available are pink, green, blue, white, and pink ice.

You can also purchase the fiber optic hair clips at by key wording 'hair clip'. Picking them up here you can grab a 3 pack for only $11.85 plus shipping.

How It Works:
The fiber optic strands are attached to a barrette, so you can easily just clip the light show to your locks. I would recommend lifting a small section of hair to hide the actual barrette. I also recommend buying more than one strand.

The battery obviously goes into a small compartment in the barrette. Two replaceable CR1632 batteries are included with each strand.

Not many people are aware of these neat holiday fashion trends for hair, so be a trend setter, and get them before everyone else does.

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