Sunday, July 27, 2014

How I Earned & Got Scammed Out of $30,000 in Just 7 Days

My reasoning was simple...I wanted money, and I wanted to make money online seeing how my regular job included being online for 8 hours a day. I figured while we are not busy, I may as well try and find means to gaining some cash online.

Associated Content pays, and if I work hard for the week, it pays well. I wanted more though, I mean who here can say that they could use a bit of side cash for holiday shopping? Everyone.

So I hit up google with keywords such as make money online, paid surveys, cash online and so on.

I came up with a slew of paid promises. Promises that seemed soo deliciously inviting, that I couldn't help but not sign up.

The pitch was too good to be true. Get paid $300 per email, $2,000 just for signing up. FREE!!!
I happily jotted down my email address, and within a few hours I had over 30 emails waiting for me. All with $300 promises. I clicked, clicked, clicked... and each click took me to yet another paid to click program. I signed up.

Before I knew it I was waking up in the morning to over 300 emails from all sorts of paid to click sites.

 All I had to do was click on the emails. Once I clicked I was taken to a page that made me stay on it for 30 seconds to a minute and 20 seconds in some cases. After my stay my account would be credited such amount of cents. 300000 cents! Oh boy!

After widdling away 2 hours clicking, waiting, and clicking some more, I would then log on to the site and check my account.

I made $200 in just one day on one site, and an astonishing $900 on the first site I joined.
My heart was pumping, and I went back to my email account to click more, and more, and more advertisements.

I wasted a week doing this, and eventually had an account that tipped the scale at $11,900! All in just 7 days.

I stopped writing religiously on Associated Content, and spent most of my time in my email account, waiting for the next paid email. Waiting for yet another $300.00.

By day 7 though, I realized I wasn't getting paid, and all the time wasted, I could of been writing for Associated Content, getting paid.

Finally I decided to look this whole paid to click crap up, and came to a disappointing discovery. I wasn't getting that $30,000 I so quickly accumulated. It turned out the sites I had joined all were on this long list of paid to click sites that are scams.

I should of known better. I felt like a complete moron. I seriously wasted hours upon hours clicking, reading, clicking, reading...all for what? An account balance with an X amount of dollar in it... an X amount of dollars that will NEVER ever land in my paypal account like the site promised it would.

My Warning:
Steer clear of any and all paid to click email programs. Nearly all of them are B.S. wastes of time. It is addicting when you first sign up...then when you realize you're not getting paid, it can be very disappointing. I could have written a bunch of articles on AC and actually been paid this week. Instead I wasted all of my time and energy on false promises.

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