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Funniest Families on Television

If my family were on TV I know we would likely be a hit show; we're dysfunctional, and dysfunctional is what people like watching.

We fart at the dinner table and laugh about it, we back stab one another then make up the next day, we eat beans out of cans, and consider Friendly's upper scale dining.

Some families though that I find on TV, come pretty close to my own families personal dysfunctions, and my top favorite funny TV families are The Bundy's, from Married With Children, The Griffins from Family Guy, The Millers from Still Standing, The Connor's from Roseanne, and last but not least, The Suarez's from Ugly Betty.
What makes these families so funny though, is that they each are funny for their own unique ways.

The Bundy's include a family of 4. Peggy, the lazy couchwife...I mean housewife, Al the miserable shoe man who takes care of everyone else in the family thanks to his low paying income, Kelly the promiscuous teen daughter, and Bud, the blow up doll humping dork. The family also includes a dog named Buck that occasionally you can hear his thoughts out loud.

Peggy basically sits on the couch all day munching on bon bons, while occasionally gossiping with the neighbors Marcy and Steve, which later becomes Marcy and Jefferson.

Kelly is usually making out on the couch with some random hoodlum, while Bud is upstairs wooing a blow up doll.

The family just makes for good TV, because even though the are dysfunctional, and lacking hot meals on the table for dinner, they are so similar to many families today, and is clearly why Married With Children is so loved, by so many, even though the shows are all re-runs.

Family Guy follows the life of The Griffins. This family is a family of 5, but seeing that the dog Brian can talk, I'd actually say that there are 6 members in The Griffin family.

Peter Griffin is fat, a beer chugger, and just about as pea brained as they come. His non-stop childlike disposition is what makes him so lovable, and at the same time so hilarious.

Lois is his wife, and she will randomly surprise viewer's with off the wall, crazed behavior.

Stewie is by far my favorite character in Family Guy. He's a brainiac, speaks with an accent, and has more moments than any other character that has me cracking up with laughter. Did I mention he's a baby? Stewie's life mission is to destroy his mother whom he has this odd love hate relationship with. The thing that makes Stewie's character so funny is that you cannot figure him out. One minute he can be an evil genius, and the next a dress wearing freak. One minute his family seems to understand his spoken words, and the next minute they cannot.

Meg is the families outcast. She is mostly forgotten about, or pointed out as being the one member in the family they wish they never had. Although she is primarily a boring character, Meg has moments that have left me giggling till I nearly pissed. One particular episode Meg decided to pretend to be a lesbian just so she could make friends with a gay group of children in school. Besides being an outcast at home, Meg is also a giant loser in school.

Chris is fat like Peter, but has this clumsy idiots disposition about him that is simply addicting, and hilarious. He is not really the brightest star in the sky, but always seems to be in good spirits.

Brian is the family dog, and like I said, he can talk. Although Brian is the more serious character in the family, he has moments of complete craziness that have left me laughing like a hyena.

What makes Family Guy so funny though is not only the family members, but other characters who frequent the show as well. What keeps this family fresh though is the wild, crazy, over the top issues that are brought up in the show. You've got everything from toad licking, to crude and offensive remarks that no other show would dare touch.

This is also one of Fox's first ever families to be canceled, and then resurrected again. It seriously is that good.

The Millers (Still Standing) feature a family of 5.

First we have Judy Miller who is always filled with over the top hilarious moments. She is the mother of The Miller family, and even though she wants nothing more than to fit in and be considered a cool mom, she is also stable as to where her kids respect and obey her.

Her husband Bill Miller also strives to be a cool dad, but he has a Homer Simpson like personality as to where others will view him as a lazy, unmotivated, beer chugging, couch potato. Although most episodes feature Bill sitting on the couch watching TV, Bill manages to deliver tons of one liner jokes, and remarks that are undeniably hilarious.

Their oldest son Brian is the nerd. He spends most of his time working on school projects and studying. Although Brian doesn't deliver all too many funny lines, he is the families punching bag, and many moments you will see as his family pokes fun at him for being so smart, and often times they ask him if he is gay because of his quiet, cool, calm personality. Brian does not seem to match the rest of his family, but the show would not be the same without him.

Lauren is the Miller's middle teen aged daughter. Lauren is her older brothers complete opposite.

 Lauren is popular in school, and is constantly breaking all of the rules at home, and the rules at school.

She is pretty much the center of many family problems, but loved and adored by bother her parents.

Tina Miller is the youngest in the family, and she pretty much knows how to use her cute factor to get her way. Although Tina does not grab up as much air time as the other characters, in every scene she is in, she delivers a cute and quirky line that is always funny.

The Miller family is one of my favorite funny TV families because they are all believable, and extremely relateable.

The Connor (Roseanne) family is by far one of my all time favorite funny TV families.
We have of course Roseanne; she has a larger than life personality. She can be loving, she can be nurturing, she can be happy, but at the same time, she can also be extremely obnoxious, mean, miserable, rude, crude, and downright dysfunctional. Put them all together, and Roseanne is one personality filled funny momma.

Dan Connor is the man of the house, even though Roseanne seems to call all the shots. He is the more serious member in the family, but he knows how to kick back and have fun.

Becky is the eldest daughter in the family. She is very popular and well liked by everyone in school; especially the guys! Becky seems to bump heads with her mother a lot, because Becky is always seeking freedom, and breaks rules a lot. As a young teen Becky seems to think she is old enough to decide what she wants to do, and when she wants to do it. A lot of issues and family drama is brought on due to some of Becky's choices. Although I have never really found her character to be all that funny, the family needs such a personality in order to be as funny as they are.

Darlene is the middle child, and is the complete opposite of Becky. Darlene is quiet, tom boyish and has a dark and serious personality. Her witty sarcasm though is what makes Darlene so hilarious.

Darlene bumps heads a lot with her older sister, because the two are so opposite. Without Darlene's dark sarcastic humor though, The Connor family would not be the same.

DJ is the families youngest son. DJ is the weird one in the family. As a child he enjoyed bullying other children in school, chopping off the heads off of Barbie dolls and storing them in a shoe box, as a teen DJ morphs into an even more abnormal kid. Although DJ does not deliver all too many hilarious moments, he does deliver weird and wacky behavior that is so strange it is funny and fitting to the rest of the Connor family.

The Suarez family is another TV family that I find to be hilarious due to the fact that each character has something about them that makes them so funny. The way they all clash together is so beautiful, but at the same time the characters manage to be hilarious.

Betty Suarez is the shows main character. Betty is the more organized serious family member in the Suarez family. She has a complete goal in her life, but at the same moment has such quirky break downs, that you can't not laugh. Although Betty herself is not all too funny, the events that unfold in her life are simply laugh out loud moments, and her personality alone is also quite funny. Her tacky wardrobe, huge glasses, fluffy hair and braces also makes her funny.

Her older sister Hilda is a bomb shell, and she recently opened up a hair salon in the families home. Hilda has a very cute, and addicting personality about her, and even though she does not deliver hilarious one liners, her happy bubbly personality is what makes her funny.

Hilda's son Justin always manages to make me laugh, because even though he is clearly a male, he has such a girly personality. Justin knows more about fashion, than Betty who works for a fashion magazine does. He is up to date with trends, and is intrigued by theater. Justin's body language alone makes his character so lovable, and at the same time, so hilarious.
Ignacio is the families father. He is a single dad, and even though his children are all grown, he still watches after them and makes sure they are OK. Ignacio himself is not funny, but he has his funny moments, and when he does they are all the more enjoyable.

There are really so many funny families on TV. These families however are just some of my top picks. There are really so many other TV families that are equally hilarious all for their own reasons. Some other note worthy funny TV families come from shows such as The Simpson's, Malcolm in the Middle, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Matters, Full House, and of course The Cosby's!
In all honesty though they would not be funny as they are if it were not for the way each and every member clashes, and brings something different to the table.

The reason I love each and every one of these families though is because they remind me of my own family in their own ways.

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