Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Most Memorable Scary Moms on Television

Some of the most memorable moms on television do not hold the spot based off of the fact that they were excellent moms, like the chick on Brady Bunch. Some of them are the most memorable moms for other reasons; and that is because they are all so scary, they go unforgettable!

Take Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford on (1981) Mommie Dearest! This wicked mommy takes the top spot because she is an on screen mother that till this day everyone still talks about. Faye played a scary wicked mother to such a frighteningly believable degree.

Another scary on screen mother goes to Blanche Baker who stars in the movie Jack Ketchums: A Girl Next Door. Blanche plays the sadistic role of Ruth Chandler.

This psycho mom recently began taking care of 2 young girls, while their parents were away with a traveling carnival, Ruth however already has her hands tied with her own bunch of children, and obviously the addition of 2 more pushed her into the realm of insanity.

While under her care the girls undergo indescribable torture. The oldest sister is actually tortured the most, and Ruth seems to take all of her anger out on her by allowing children in the neighborhood to rape, burn and beat her until finally she passes.

What makes this on screen mother so frightening is the fact that you watch as she unravels at the seams and becomes more evil as time goes on. This movie is based off of a true story, and even though another movie was made starring Ellen Page, nothing comes as close to being as believable quite like Blanche Baker did as her role as Ruth Chandler.

Scary moms always manage to take a spot in your brain, making them impossible to forget. Another one of those impossible on screen moms that I cannot seem to forget is Pieper Laurie, who played Carrie's sick sadistic mother Margaret White in the cult horror classic Carrie.

What makes Margaret White so unforgettable is the fact that she played the role of an overbearing, God fearing freak to such a psychotic degree. Her wild frizzy hair also makes her look all the more frightening.

Another frighteningly memorable, psycho, scary, mom goes to Colleen Porch, who plays Mom on Baby Blues. This flick is based off of true events, but the way that Colleen portrays a psycho mother is truly intense, scary, and she really manages to dig up emotions from viewers who watch her go on a gory, psychotic, killing spree of her own children.

This mom is definitely considered the modern Mommie Dearest. She is evil, she's wicked, and if you have not seen Colleen Porch in Baby Blues, it is one not to be missed.

There are plenty of scary moms on television these days, and new movies are being made all of the time. One scary mom though that definitely deserves honorable mention goes to Denise Crosby who played Rachael Creed, Gage's mom on Pet Semetary. Although Rachael Creed herself was a good mother, when she dies and comes back, she plays such a believable, wicked, scary, zombie; and that is without even saying a word.

This is a pretty serious list of crazy moms we've seen on television, and they all deserve a bow for going outside of the box of normalcy.

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