Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Great Gifts for Moms Addicted to Television

Unfortunately I never had a Peggy Bundy mom. My mom never sat on the couch all day wasting away hours at the tube; she was always up, on the go, and working, even if she was out of work, she was working.

However I've noticed a little trend going on with new moms, moms on the go always manage to find time to wither away in front of the television to find out what's happening in their favorite shows. Even my mom, who was always on the go found the time to catch up with her addiction to X-Files.

I decided to compile not only a list of cool gifts for couch potato moms, but for moms who never have time to keep up with their shows.

Moms on the go should definitely not be without a Tivo! With a yearly membership of no more than $200, you can surprise a mom on the go with one of these must have units. With a Tivo, a working mom can catch all of her favorite shows without fearing missing a single episode. Visit for pricing plans, and available Tivo units.

Moms on the go, and couch potato moms will also enjoy this neat 3 month movie club membership. Imagine a bucket of candy, popcorn, and a gift card to Blockbuster being delivered to mom every month for 3 consecutive months! That's all the popcorn, sour path kids, and pop mom could ever want, all in one family sized bucket of fun.

For a hefty price of $86.85, let movie night literately drop on moms door. For a look at the 3 month movie club, click here.
Another awesome must have gift for TV junkie moms is a Snuggies! A snuggie is basically a blanket that has sleeves. It'll keep mom warm, and allow her easier, faster access to the remote! Haha! Click to view Snuggies!

On hilarious gag gift that any TV loving mom would appreciate is the control your man remote control. Although this remote won't change channels on the television set, it is certainly a remote any mom would adore. For a look at the control your man remote, click here.
There are really tons of gifts you could buy our lovely couch potato moms, and one of course is the infamous couch potato himself. You can find all sorts of humorous looking couch potato plushes over at Ebay for varying prices. The handmade ones though seem to look the best, and funniest.
There is also this extremely suave 5 compartment remote control caddy that can be found
at This caddy though is like no other, because not only does it feature 5 compartments, but it also spins, for even faster access to all of moms necessities. Picture it! A magazine in one compartment, a nail file in another, a remote in another, and soda pop in the other!

View caddy here.
We all love our moms, so why not make their TV viewing habits a little more enjoyable!? Plus, this is all just in time for Mother's Day.

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