Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some of the Best Family Friendly Shows on TV

Family friendly shows are hard to come by. I know whenever I am looking for something to watch with my niece and nephew, I come across so many shows that are just not age appropriate, and the ones that are age appropriate are far too boring for my likings.

However I have in my time come across a nice list of TV shows that both the kids enjoy, and I myself actually don't mind watching (in fact I think I may be addicted to some of these family friendly shows!).
The first one, which is also my all time favorite, is Wizard's of Waverly Place. I never thought I would enjoy something like this, and whenever I watch it with the youngins, they also seem to crack up with laughter.

Wizards of Waverly Place is about a family of 5. The 3 children all have magical wizard powers. Their father once had magical powers, but lost them when he married a mortal. Although he himself cannot do magic, he still knows it, and is capable of teaching it to his children.

Throw magical powers into children's hands though, and it leads to a lot of fun, quirky, and interesting events! Not only that, the show pretty much has a moral lesson that is taught at the end of nearly every episode.

Wizards of Waverly Place is one of the few shows, I'm not embarrassed to say I like, and the kids love it too.

This show can be caught on the Disney Channel, every Sunday at 8:30 pm. New episodes are airing every week, so don't miss it!

Another quirky Disney show that I'm sure many of you already know, is Hannah Montana. Although this one is not my all time personal favorite, my niece is a die hard fan of it.

The show is definitely suitable for children, even though Miley Cyrus herself may not be. Haha!

At any rate, episodes of Hannah Montana are aired Sundays at 8pm. You can catch it right before the magical kids at Waverly Place.

Another Disney channel series that I enjoy, and my niece and nephew seem to enjoy is Life With Derek. At first I did not think I would sink into this one, but after watching just one episode of the show, I was hooked. The show s about a girl who moves into her new stepfathers home with her mother and sister. Along with a new stepfather though, they also have new siblings. The show though is cute, fun, and enjoyable by all ages.

Life With Derek can be caught on the Disney channel on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:30pm.

An old time show hat I'm sure many of you already know is Sabrina The Teenage Witch, which still airs re-runs on television. The show is similar to Wizards of Waverly Place, however in this cute and comical sitcom, Sabrina is a teenager who just learned she is a witch. The episodes are all family friendly, and fun. Like the new wizard kids, Sabrina the Teenage Witch also came with a set of lessons and morals, so it is all good clean fun for kids, and adults alike.

Sabrina is airing re-runs on The N.

There is also a new show coming out this spring season, that I am sure both children and parents alike will enjoy. This one features a name that's already well known. Demi Lovato will star in Sonny With a Chance.

It is about a 16 year old named Sonny who attempts to make it big on her own sitcom called 'So Random'. The show is sure to be a pleaser, and airs on Sunday February 9th on Disney.

My final recommendations goes to some of my childhood favorites, although they cannot be found on TV right now, these oldies are certainly goodies, and you can find them in bx sets on DVD.

First goes to Punky Brewster, the small yet huge personality of Punky is sure to be a family favorite, and one you should definitely pick up for yourself to reminisce, and for your kids to enjoy.

Alf is another old sitcom that families can all enjoy together. Besides who doesn't love a fluffy brown puppet alien!?

Small Wonders was a great sitcom from the 80's that kids and adults can all enjoy. Becky is a robot girl, and she is sure to charm kids today, the way she did in the 80's.

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